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Trained doctors were refused because of stillbirth or having a child or partner in intensive care, appearing in a “violent” remedy with young doctors with the NHS.

Hospitals have refused to let trainees take time for their marriages and they have told them that they are going to use full-time rather than being confined to friends to attend.

His trust said one old doctor could be giving up time with his wife, who had only been sentenced to illegal birth. Another would need to work despite it being wounded in a road accident on the way leading into the car. T

Others were refused for paternity leave because the workers were too small and had to work when they were ill, and were asked to issue marriage or death certificates for leave.

These “terrible experiences” show “the minute, unclear and vigorous includes a big tool like the NHS” affecting young amusements, according to Dr Joanna Poole, t put the name together.

Poole, a notorious registrar, collected accounts from over 400 trainees from across the UK after posting a blog online with information about the NHS's acute care for young people.

“Why are we dealing with professionals who have trained thousands of miles and have often dreamed of their career from a child, working as a negative effect on their health and personal lives, in a way that they can use? ”She wrote.

The file shows that the lack of support from the NHS for doctors at an early stage in their careers is raising the numbers from their specialist training or allowing it to retire.

NHS managers are trying to improve the working environment for all staff as they struggle to overcome problems caused by the health service in England which have more than 100,000 vacancies. That's a shortage of 9,000 doctors.

Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden, chairman of the UK Association of Doctors, said: “Our appointment is at an advanced stage. These stories and #NHSMeToo campaign reveal the violent treatment that has been experienced by many doctors during their training to be NHS advisers. ”

The royal medical colleges representing vastness and traveling experience have supported Poole initiative to make the NHS more aware and aware of young medics. It takes its decisions to NHS England, who had been committed to developing the confidence and confidence of staff in its long-term plan.

In her blog, Poole told her how she slept in her car at service stations when she was previously working in hospitals when she was traveling home after the tours had been completed. She also had to use annual leave to attend induction days when she was starting a new trust and she could not take time to visit a sister in intensive care.

NHS Providers, who represent trusts, recognized the growing pressure on the service greatly impacting on training doctors.

“Working as a young doctor should be a reward, but there's no denying that staffing shortages, gaps and demand are contributing to the great challenges that they face. This can be a physical and mental problem, making people burn it, lose sleep or destroy, ”said Chris Hopson, his chief executive.

The sponsors have recognized the importance of younger doctors and are working hard and creatively to improve the working environment and support available.

Hopson continued: “Examples include the expansion of flexible work, free online accommodation and counseling services, as well as smaller innovations which make a big difference, such as food. free after night shifts, membership of venues, and comfort areas. ” t

NHS national bodies in England are expected to launch a staff action plan next month. However, it is unlikely that it will provide much information on particular initiatives to tackle the increase in revival impacting on medical training and this will be maintained until the autumn.

Last week's health mistakes asked the NHS in England to do much more to support and support staff or increase their shortage from 100,000 to 250,000 by 2030.

Dido Harding, chair of NHS Development, requested that trustees would have greater confidence to support their training staff. “Young doctors are the foundation of our health service and are entitled to support from their employers with empathy and care,” she said.

“Many parts of the NHS do this well, but feedback from across the service is that we can and should be better if we make the NHS a good place for work. just as our NHS users want to do. ”

Case studies

Was a doctor in a previous post, female

After my grandfather died, they asked me to introduce a death certificate to prove what happened, as it seems we can stand about something like this to get out of a night shift. Then I got the funeral next week, but it was forbidden for any time – I was circulating at the weekend. I am still embarrassed and shocked to what was asked of me, and why I had to give evidence, and how they had spoken to me, with real sadness. I was only a year of primary school. At the end of the primary year, I decided that I had enough and did not want to go on to special training.

Previous inee Was a supporter who was currently working as an obstetric and gynecology

I left a directory right now. But when I was a young doctor traveling through obstetrics and gynecology, I was 20 weeks pregnant and had a lot of fun, and my counselor gave me my way on the phone because they couldn't cover up. search. I finished the change and I went to another hospital to get the schedule. I got sorrow then for getting a sick illness. Later, when I was pregnant again, I had a fingerie and chest diseases. But I wasn't allowed to go home because they were short of workers. I took myself to hospital after work and found that I had left a spam of spam. I had cancer diagnosed. In my study I was told that I was not going to be seen as a team.

General practitioner, female pharmacist

After three months in this awful job, I've gone down to a shipwreck that spends all my free time, outside the poor hours I work, in the bed as I cannot cope with the way I feel in the morning about getting into the work. I thought it was not just a bit of a tough job than the last one, but it is a real issue that I cannot give the patients the right care. How has I received the training in victim training to settle this? I fell asleep on the train, stood up on my bike, and it is only with grace of God that nothing happened badly and I went at the right stop without an incident or injury.

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