The film Kurier continues to be a further demonstration of how we need strong, effective and efficient premises


The premiere of the movie "Kurier" on Monday night in Grand Theater, was another testament to the public's visibility of providing strong, effective and professional institutions t . The biggest part of the Museum in the Warsaw Revolution was the Władysław Pasikowski work, and with MPW's leadership (and continuity of the directors) we saw the film on Monday.

"Kurier is not a remarkable artwork or phenomenon, recorded in gold on Polish cinematography, but I believe it is an important, effective and adept voice of our history. T Some of the films we have made may still be able to fill this significant gap in a widely understood historical policy and indeed "Kurier" does his job in this field.

The film has its own character, some moving movements and may open a series of Uprising Warsaw awareness conversations, comply with separate vantage points or the correct environment at the castle at the beginning of August 1, 1944. But that wasn't particularly asking for these types of films? As well as observing the hearts, creating an ethos and strengthening our national pride, it is the influence, influence, influence, enforcing us. looking at what has become our spirit of history, what is the context in which our collective spirit exists, where there is an exciting effort in freedom? "Kurier" is a hugely important debate in the debate and if it is an inspiration to get to books and a Jan Nowak-Jeziorański legacy, it's only a pleasure.

So much about the arts that film film about Pasikowski film. Another important ingredient of the debate over "Kurier" is a question about efficiency of our state institutions. Without effect, working quietly! (For years), the Warsaw Revolution Museum we couldn't live in the first shot of this work. But MPW is not just one or the other film, perhaps even the best. It's a sequence of everyday activities that build up an impossible foundation for our red and white DNA. In this respect, the lowest speed box is available as a result of Jan Ołdakowski, Dariusz Gawin, Paweł Ukielski and all museum staff.

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