The final between Boca and River will be played outside Argentina


Asunción.- The Conmebol decided on Tuesday that the final of the Libertadores Cup between River Plate and Boca Juniors will be played outside Argentina after recording bad incidents of the weekend before the second leg.

The game between the bitter Argentinean campaigns played between 8 and 9 December would be explicitly defined, but it is under the control of the control of the South American football regulators.

The Conmebol opened a contraction file against the River for the attack that Boca players hit Saturday when they reached their band stadium.

The bus that moved to the white Boca campus with other stones and slabs with a group of River fans, a few blocks from the Monumental stadium. The skipper and Pablo Pérez's middle garden fired in the arms and injured the eye.

Boca asked for a river to be disqualified and to be cited as a hero.

"The game will be played, if played, as it is subject to a decision of control, outside the borders of Argentina," said president of Conmebol, Alejandro Domínguez, to reporters. “ The conditions for playing in Argentina are not set. `

Dominguez spoke after a meeting with Boca and River leaders at Conmebol's headquarters, located on the outskirts of Asunción.

The two angels Angelici, Boca's president, and Rodolfo D 'Onofrio, the owner of the River, did not give statements after the meeting.

'Football is not a football. It is resolved with aims, "said Dominguez, who did not have a question.

After the wounds suffered by several Boca players, the Conmebol had to suspend the definition.

It was said that stadiums in Paraguay, Brazil and Italy could hold the second leg. Boca and River 2-2 pulled in the first leg for two weeks, and one day was delayed but due to a storm that affected the Bombone game range.

In his statement, the Conmebol stated that he would be responsible for travel, lodging, food and movement costs, up to 40 people per organization and will establish security coordination with the corresponding authorities.

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