The final route of Klemna Musulina


CERKLJE NA GORENJSKEM – Klemna Mill (36), who has died in Slovakia in the last few days, has been taken to the last road this week. Here is his wife's message on Facebook Sonja, who said that the funeral will be held at Trebnje churchyard at 3pm. The fire will be taken to a death certificate at 10am.

On Saturday night, on November 10, Klemen left the Krvavec party in the valley only, and since then, all the paths were lost. The search department was divided into 61 small areas, inspected by 240 skilled researchers. Klemna also looked for relatives and friends as well as the services possible. Last Saturday, the police identified that it was found about 12pm, between Krvavec and Kokra, at a height of about 1000 meters. Men fell across the rough edges and died.

"Thank you all for your help, your words and your ideas. Thanks for every step and the way you wanted for Klemna. Teo We're strong, but he knows we are really, really, "wrote Sonja on Sunday.

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