The Finance Department announces a delay in raising awareness of Dos Bocas to enhance Pemex


a & # 39; Finance Under Secretary of State, Arturo Herrerathe delay in constructing the fines at Dos Bocas, Tabasco, to support him t Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex).

The decision for the work was estimated in three years.

In an interview for a interview Financial Times, Herrera explained that around 2000 million dollars of work will be allocated to enhance the representation of the state company.

"We will not authorize (build) until our final figure is completely different from the first 8 billion dollars," he added, that the planned investment may be included in the year 's refinement. to study and result. "of Pemex.

Herrera made these suggestions during a visit to London, where he will meet with investors.

And in addition, the Deputy Finance Secretary announced that the Government is negotiating with the International Finance Fund (IMF) and other agencies on a new capital Pemex settlement, but said they were not. technical discussions were carried out and there were no loans.

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