The Fire Service described the revival of the body


<img class = "jwMediaContent image aligncenter" title = "Station officer left Ariful Photograph: Collected." article = "Station officer left Ariful Photograph: Collected:" Itemprop = "image" data-jadewitsmedia = "{& # 39; & # 39; id: '1427302', 'ext': 'jpg', 'thumb' & 'palphages'. 'path' / 2019 /03/29/ff24a63e13796c1e8ade53470cd21753-5c9d4d5a95581.jpg&#39; & #3939 ;, Station name left to left: Image & # 39; '', 800 ', 938', target '' Connection ':' ' 39 '& 39' & '39' Station officer left Picture: Collection collected, station officer left at Picture gallery: Collected. '' Align '' width = '800' src = ' / Office / Office /. t Cut Fire Brigade, Ariful Haque, has recovered six distinct companies on its own and has gone to T-shirts since its inception. The F. Towers have two conductors, two of which are open-ended, and are open to view. the other closed platform is closed. He did

Haque beautiful restores the body of a man. He saved the man's body from the bathroom. He said the body had fallen on the floor. Arous Officer's body was then aroused by two women. He found the body from the staircase of the building. The man's body was bigger than the floor. The beautiful man sent the body of another man out of the roof of T Tower.
Haque Beautiful said in the first light, and he has recovered six bodies. A total of 12 groups attended the refurbishment. The Arif was shaking itself when the body was to be brought back in front of the burned IT Tower. He said, "I feel quite sorry when I remember the body." The nobles think that the people who died have died from washing.
At 3:45 pm, cleaners clear the glass pieces in front of F. Tower. Assistant Director of Fire Support Abdullah Al Arefin said the research into the FR Tower would be carried out in the morning.

Twenty people died in the fire of Tower F T. 39. Inspector Adil Hossain of Khilkhet Police Station, who was present at the premises at 3:00 pm, died at the scene. Adil Hossain said, 20 people have been killed so far. Of these, 18 were identified. They are in Parvez Sajjad. Abdullah Al Mamun and Rumki Two police names were unknown.
Earlier, the number of casualties in the fire event was recorded in the Ban Ban FT Tower of 25. Fire Service After about 45 minutes, the company took it down to 19. Both these types of data have been given out. T journey from the fire control room.

The fire started at multi-storey FT Tower in Bani on 12 noon. Witnesses noted that many people were injured when they fell from the building after the fire. Many people jump from fire to escape from the fire. Sri Lankan's citizen was killed in it. Many people who were hanged beside the building collapsed and fell down. The government rescuers had to save a lot. It was then thought that the number of the dead would not be too large. But when the firemen came under the fire, when they entered, they were released after one body.

A fire service fire room in this area at around 11.00 on Thursday evening, the number is reported to be 25. 25. Reporters told immediately that these news items were there. But at 11:50, the fire station officer, Khurshid Alam, reduced the number of dead people. The number of dead people are reported as dead. Khurshid Alam said that there was so much misconception because of the same group counting twice. The number 19 is not 25.

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