The social reviews are coming in for "Dumbo." By Tim Burton. (Image: WALT DISNEY)

"Are you ready for DUMBOOOOO?"

The words have come from the legendary box box, Michael Buffer, the premiere of Tim Burton's living activity "Dumbo" in Hollywood on Monday night.

The first performance featured the film's stars – Colin Farrell, Eva Green, Michael Keaton, t Danny DeVito – and even supporting Angelina Jolie with four of her children.

Monday marked the first opportunity for judges to give their views on social media for the film. Full reviews have been introduced into 26 March, just three days before the March 29 deadline, which are placing greater emphasis on these early inspections.

There is now a unanimous view that Burton has made a movie that is eye-catching to look at the magnificent 1941 story – with a CGI main character with the name Dumbo for its big auditions.

Mike Manalo, from Nerds of Color blog, praised the elephant as a particular influence. He said, "But unfortunately, although it looks good, the film that created the animated and ground-breaking design has not the heart and the heart.

Tom Jorgensen of IGN praised the “big scenery” As well as Michael Keaton's game and a neat childhood pachyderm. "But Jorgensen emphasized that it was difficult to make contact:" The human stories feel they are being big and quite common on parade. "

Peter Sciretta from seems to be giving the big impression when he said: "I liked #Dumbo. Very good art / representation design."

Another tweet explained: "I know I'm not so tidy about the film but it was fun, and definitely better than Beauty and the Beast; Mary Poppins Returns.

The writer praised Courtney Howard the story of "the right of so many pro-animal practices" and the sensible design like "amazing, beautiful and very caring. The elephant is pure and charming." "

Chris Hayner, co-operative play editor at, has praised "the story of a big-eyed throne who just wants to see his mother again. Just happens in a good level of mixed mix, with some musical music for the original t . "

Prof Hayner made the production design, "flat-out incredible."

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