The first child born to her; Uterus transfered using dead donation, saying doctors say


His first child was born all over the world by going to her; Transfer of Uterus from death donation, according to Brazil's doctors.

The girl was delivered to a healthy baby in December last to a 32-year-old woman who was not born with uterus. The mother used Uterus a 45-year-old woman who had three children before and died with a stroke, as described in a case report published in the Lancet Medical Journal of Tuesday.

The uterus from the deceased donor was inserted into a 10-hour job. After seven months, attacking doctors have been done by using vitro varnish to be heavy.

The child was delivered through the Caesarean section on December 15, 2017 at around 36 weeks into the child. It was 5.6 not. Then the doctors removed the uterus so that their mother did not have to keep out about rehabilitation.

About a year later, the mother and the child are healthy.

A number of successful illnesses have been using uterine reprimands from live donors, since the approach was started by the Swedish doctor Mats Brannstrom about five years ago. The ability of a successful breakdown is to make it possible. Donate donations that expand the opportunities for fertility.

In 2016, Cleveland Clinics tried to be pregnant by going to # 39; Using uterus from a donor who died, but he has failed because of disease.

"The Brazilian group has confirmed that the use of dead donors is an impossible option," said Dr. Tommaso Falcone at the Cleveland Clinic. "It could give us a greater supply of members than we could think it could do."

Brazilian researchers plan two other uterine remedies as part of the study.

"There are still many things that we do not understand about producing fertile, as the causes are included," said Dr. Cesar Diaz, who co-wrote a journalistic statement. "These transitions will help us to embed implementation and to all stages of age."

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