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There is a woman in Brazil who received a sweat that was transmitted from a dead donor who was born in the first successful case of the type, doctor's statements.

The case, published in The Lancet's medical journal, including to fetch flesh from the donor's uterus with the windows that the person has received, as well as to go to; connecting bonds, music clips and canals.

It comes after 10 previously known issues of uterine repurchase from dead donors – in the United States, the Czech Republic and Turkey – they did not get a living.

The girl born in a Brazilian case was delivered through a 35-year-old Cuban section for 35 weeks, and it was 2,550 grams (about 6 pbs), the case study said.

Dani Ejzenberg, a doctor at the University of Brazil's hospital in Sao Paulo, who was in charge of the research, said the transplant – made in September 2016 when the recipient received 32 – a & # 39; show that the procedure is capable and that women may be able to; Enabling uterine contamination to a greater range of donor capacity.

It is the normal one for transplant to & # 39; inspiration that the organs would come from a living member of the family who were willing to give.

"The numbers of people willing to present members on their own deaths are far larger than those who donate live donations, and offer a number of broader donors, "said Ejzenberg in a statement of the results.

She said, however, that the outcomes and benefits of donations of live or mortal deprivation are still not comparable, and said that the approach could still be cleaned and developed.

The first born child was postponed to her; a live donation bomb in Sweden in 2013. Scientists have so far reported that there are 39 modes of the whole type, which produce 11 live births.

Experts argue that unprotectedness is a? affecting around 10 to 15 percent of reproductive age couples around the world. Of this group, there are uterine problems around one in 500 women.

Before possible abusive abduction, abduction or commendation was the only option for a child.

In Brazilian case, the person who got the uterus money was born due to illness called Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome. The donor was 45 and died with a stroke.

Five months after the re-imposition, the Ejzenberg team wrote, the uterus did not show that any marks were denied, there was a normal ultrasound scan, and the person who received them was rejected; case is constantly declined. The women who had been fruitful and frosted had eggs after seven months and 10 days later, it was confirmed that she was pregnant.

At seven months and 20 days – when the case inspection report was submitted to The Lancet – the child's child was going to keep her at home; of food

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