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At 21:28 on 10 February, Beijing's time, "Wandering Earth" officially announced that its office is more than 2 billion yuan (Source: Oriental IC)

The "most complete" Spring Festival in history has come to an end.

Generally, the most beautiful place must be "Wandering Earth". On the fourth day of the show, he was attacked as an office banker; box. There was no climb of a daily box office, and b & # 39; This is the first movie that breaks the 2 billion box office. The "Crazy Alien" "Flying Life" box box, "The King of New Comedy", was influenced by the second day of the release.

After the opening of the morning on 11 February, the film and the television shows showed the movement of two poles. The theme "Wandering Earth" has risen dramatically, and the new culture and the light media fell dramatically.

See the pointing point under the boiling place

In the fear of rising fares and piping, the year-round Spring Stitch box office still has a high profile.

According to Cat Eye's Institution data, the Spring box full box office at New Year's Eve was from February 4 to 10 February this year was larger than 5.8 billion yuan, a year-up increase of 1.4%, and the number of people who exceeds 130 million.

"Wandering Earth" has been a "biggest legend" in Fèis Earraich with mouth words. On the first day of the show on 5 February, "Wandering Earth" was the fourth place with 11.4% of the film, but within three days, the film was first recorded, and Upgrade level to its & # 39; first time. At this time, the professional turn-up of a movie repository box office has risen to 5.126 billion.

The mouth of the mouth was enhanced during this year's Spring Festival, and the profile of the audience and the speed of the film, which confirmed the last move of office and # 39 ; box.

This year's Spring Festival has released 8 films, two in addition to the same time last year, to expand the most popular New Year's most popular Festival file in the past three years. In order to see the underwater cache underwent, Xing Ye "King of New Comedy" gave a director in a & # 39; let the team. The netizen has "evaluated" to speak old scenes, selling feelings and serving cold drums ". In the Williamson score, not "King of Comedy New", only 5.8 points, this is the only "disappointed" movie in the first four films of the first round. There is a professional box office at cat at 646 million yuan.

In the second series "Bears in the Primitive Times", "The Detective Pu Songling", "New Year Peggy Beag", "Integrity", only in "Bears in the Primitive Times", he got more than 6 points The Douban, this Spring Festival file The old face was running out of the box box 473 million with goodwill and loud listeners, but the remaining three were running. As today (11 February), the professional look of the cat's eye is shows, "Detective Pu Songling" is the 2.1% movie, "New Year Pigpe Peggy" and "Integrity", just 2% of the movie.

If there is a small increase in the Fèis an Earraich overall box office this year, the increase in the fares will be larger, and the number of people who are in charge will increase. Looking this year also falls. According to the Cat Eye Institute, the number of people watching 130 million in Festival Spring in 2019 was 10.3% lower than 145 million in 2018.

Well Image: 201 Spring Spring Data Insight "Cat Eye" Screenshot

Although Spring Spring Festival 2019 broke down a single-world single-market single-market box office with a box office of 1.44 billion yuan, an increase of 13% from last day. However, from the second day, a corresponding office office with the same period of the year was last, and the number of people stayed at 10% -15%.

Well Image: 201 Spring Spring Data Insight "Cat Eye" Screenshot

Tickets for Fèis Earraigh this year have increased overall. The Cat Eye Institute data shows that the prices of large-scale cities in the second phase and special IMAX halls have risen especially this year.

This year's Spring Festival stallar has been passing the & # 39; 40-yuan mark from the first set to the fourth-grade cities. The average IMAX price rises to 75.2 yuan.

Well Image: 201 Spring Spring Data Insight "Cat Eye" Screenshot

The concept of "Wandering Earth" rises, a new culture, light media fell

On the first day of opening after Fèis an Earraich, a huge move was taken to her; movement of film stocks and television media.

Initially, the concepts of "Wandering Earth" have risen together. According to the professional conversion of Cats Eye, there are four main representatives of "Wandering Earth", that is, Chinese film, Beijing culture, Beijing Dengfeng International Wu Jing and Guofan Culture Media leader Guo Fan.

Image Store: Weibo Official Wandering Earth

Beijing's culture has been performing well, and its opening has a daily limit, and is still closed at the end of the evening. According to reports, Beijing's 107.5 million yuan culture continued for "Wandering Earth", and the cost of Beijing Investment in Culture was 72.5 million yuan, and the propaganda and distribution costs were not less than 25 million yuan and not more than 35 million yuan.

Beijing's culture has gained a reputation in the industry due to the successful "War Wolf" commitment. Last year's film "It's not a drug day" Beijing culture is one of its representatives.

Well Image: Cat Eye Pro

Another investor had a daily share, Fangyu Holdings, following the opening of its market, and stock price fell 4.21 yuan on afternoons. On the afternoon of February 10, Wentou Holdings published that the company's investment in the film "Wandering Earth" on February 0 was released on China's mainland on the " 5th, with box office income of around 1,593 billion yuan. Due to the small number of companies participating in the film's investment, as at 0:00 a.m. February 10, the company's investment in the generated business income has still made a huge amount, performance is not affected; company is important.

As a first producer of "Wandering Earth", Chinese film grew once once 5% after the opening, and then dropped back. At noon, stock prices fell to 15.95 yuan, slightly up 1.46%. On the afternoon of 10 February, the Chinese film stated that the total revenue of its company was "Wandering Earth" over time for -2.8 million yuan to -2.3 million yuan.

But the producers behind "King of the Comedy" and "The Crazy Alien" fell dramatically.

After the opening of its marketplace today, one of the "King of the Comedy" producers came once and again; a daily border. At noon, the new culture fell by 7.76%, a stock price of 4.52 yuan, and the company's market value of 36.45 yuan. Prior to this, new "Mermaid" work to Xingye became a new cultural investment. On January 3 this year, the new culture welcomed information saying that New Culture itself should not be less than RMB 10 million and not exceed RMB. 50 million yuan participated in the "King of New Comedy" movie.

As one of the leading representatives of "Crazy Alien" and the freelance stock price, the unexpected stock price fell. On the 30th day, the Cat Eye Entertainment Optical Media Company was registered in Hong Kong. On 2 July 2018, Cat Eye completed the regional subscription for Joy Media.

The statement states that Cats Eyes are expecting to subscribe for about 15% of the share capital generated from the Company as expanded by the sub- writing according to the subscription. The size of the Subscription is about HK $ 953 million, and represents a RMB 810 million contract. After completing this feature, Cat Eye was a " crossing Ning Hao and Xu Wei as the second largest division of Huanxi Media.

Crazy Alien is the only movie in the Festival Spring this year to get a warrant. On the evening of July 5, 2018, Happy Media published that the Khorgosle Flowering Films company at Huanxixi and Wang Baoqiang, which is a whole holder, has agreed to a warrant agreement on the film "Crazy Alien ". The sum is up to 2.8 billion yuan, and Joy Media also has the right to receive the minimum revenue of 700 million yuan for the film "Crazy Alien."

According to a box office move, "Crazy Alien" has difficulty in completing the 2.8 billion box office. Cat Eye Professional Edition data is a & # 39; indicates that the repository for the movie box office is 2.38 billion yuan.

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