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Two marijuana shops in Massachusetts were given to the green light to start recreational customers, making them the first commercial shops in the eastern United States.

The two stores, one based in Northampton and the other in Leicester, said they would open on a Tuesday morning after the Cannabis Control Commission, a state marijuana management body, had been on Friday a & # 39; allow them to start work.

The news ends a long time to start commercial sales in Massachusetts. State voters led the revival of marijuana law with adults 21 and over in 2016, but it has been given more than two years for state legislators and rulers to reach the place where the first sources can be opened.

The target is for the sale of shops 1 July.

The "starting control" message from governments requires that the stores wait three days before they are opened so that they can coordinate with local officers and take action. It is anticipated that the openings will attract a large crowd, based on the experiences of other US and Canadian states when they first launched a range of recreation.

Northampton's shop, run by New England Treatment Access, said it would be open for leisure at 8 a.m. Tuesday. Cultivate Holdings, which operates the Leicester store, says opening the doors at 10 a.m. on the same day.

"This signal for retail marijuana establishments represents a large milestone for voters who agree legal cannabis, the use of an adult in our state," said Steven Hoffman, chairman of his cannabis panel , in a statement. "To find here, detailed background certification licensors have found out many surveys and their findings have been tested, everyone to make sure that health and safety are in place; public as this new business will continue. "

Legal marijuana applicants, who have complained about the slow pace of governmental licenses in the state, and encouraging the news.

"We can be right about local depressing and challenging local delays, but the fact remains that we are the first eastern state of Mississippi to offer legal cannabis to adult consumers in retail safety settings , "said Jim Borghesani, a spokesman for his / her organization that led to a question; Voting for lawsuit for a leisure pot.

Norse meant "a historical reputation" for Massachusetts.

Recreational marijuana is currently being sold in California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Nevada. Constitutes of May agreed a legal question as well in 2016, but sources in that state are not open until the next year of his & her; first level.

Massachusetts's first source is in the middle and west of the state; shops are not currently agreed for opening in the larger area of ​​Boston. That means, at this time, easy access to more than half the state's population on leisure marijuana.

Many towns and towns in Massachusetts have blocked cannabis businesses, with some very good contracts and others making it difficult through assignment restrictions or other situations.

The currents that are currently opening the next week are working as medical marijuana doctors and have committed to continuing to & # 39; serving their registered patients.

New England Treatment Access "looks forward to providing legal marijuana for our customers, but we want our patients to know that we do not get out of our enthusiasm for them and their needs, "said Norton Arbelaez, a speaker for the company.

Their pharmacy has a unique place for medical marijuana patients, and they do not have to wait in the same lines with recreational users to get into the facility.

The company's ongoing discussions have already been with local traffic officers, parking and other public safety issues and is confident for a smooth opening, Arbelaez added him.

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