The first experience with Galaxy Fold tells unknown facts


The Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone will start selling next month, and some people will get the chance to test it in advance. One of them shared his knowledge through the medium of Mishaal Rahman advancing Twitter.

Galaxy Fold: Place between display and loop in one way only

Rahman confirms that not two halves are combined, but there is a small gap between them. The display is locked in a “tablet” mode in one face and cannot be folded at the other end by flexing out. The curving part is said to be slightly visible in the open state and may be obvious, but a gloss set above 70 per cent is inevitable.

Tip: First video Flexible Samsung Galaxy Fold

When you close, turn the exhibition in right angle and move everything to present outside. Swift switching is not easy, it can take time to Chrome web pages on another major presentation, but it can't be treated. The small screen acts as any normal mobile phone, for example, games can be played on it. It is also possible to set the home screen separately for the internal and external display. Samsung offers a series of special wallpapers for the two screens.

Perform as Galaxy S10 +

In terms of performance, it is comparable to the unexpected achievement of Galaxy S10 + – similar is the same as the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, which is added to the European version. Here are some of the measurement results:

Samsung Galaxy Fold will be sold in several European countries, but unfortunately avoided by the Czech Republic. Pre-sale commences on 26 April, and the first owners are reported to have on 3 May.

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