The first extension for Creed Assassin: Odyssey is a & # 39; arrive next week


If you can not wait to hold your adventures in Ancient Greek, you are happy to know that there is a & # 39; first extension Assassin's Religion: Odyssey There is already a publication date. The best of all is the next week's ambition.

According to the official news, Hunter, the first chapter of Triple and First Blade It will be available on 4 December. Remember that this extension is divided into three chapters and it is expected that each of 6 hours of play will be played. At this time we do not know when the last 2 shares will be Triple and First Blade. That said, they are first recorded before the beginning of spring.

If you're not waiting, we tell you that Triple and First Blade Tell us a story about Darius, who is the first person to kill her; using a spectacular blade and voting. It is a character named in other installments and novels; However, this is the first time we see it face to face. Other interesting details are that your story seems to connect to truth Odyssey with those who have Origins.

You can find out more about it Triple and First Blade in the following video:

What did you think about? Are you happy to play Triple and First Blade? Tell us in the comments.

It is important to be aware of that Triple and First Blade not the only downloadable material Odyssey. In fact, the next year we will expand our stay in tourism to Atlantis. In addition, Ubisoft has plans to launch free events and confidence.

Assassin's Religion: Odyssey It is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can find out more about reading the review or visiting the file.


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