The first history of Williams' new trust


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Liberty's belief is growing

After some Liberty Media administrators who were given last week, more rights was made to a copyright. Red Bull's leader, Christian Horner, believes, for example, would not have an open letter from administrators under Bernie Ecclestone, "because they would not have their Grand Prix next year."

"It's the problem that Liberty wants to do everything democratically," a & # 39; Horner criticized. And maybe it also means the teams when he says, "more you give them, more they want." At the end, Liberty completed the Formula One completely ":" They probably thought they just need to cut the fruit, but that's a lot more difficult now than They think. "

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Blessed or ugly?

We are currently talking about the boundaries that are present today. Toro Rosso has little news. Williams looks like 90s that were not successful. At first sight, we are scared that the bright and noble studio is still in a position; help with the pictures. But really, the Williams could be fair.

We hope we're wrong!

Image Gallery: Williams FW42 Exhibition: The best pictures

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And how will she go tomorrow?

We saw the pictures of what we saw today. This allows us to take a deep breath. Only just tightly, for tomorrow it will continue with the next car box. This time, a team team is upgraded in 2019 and gets up with the top three teams. So you do not miss anything, it's best to put a memo this page! Here we have combined all the showcases in the Formula 1 2019 car in the next lookout. So, to talk, your starter for this week!

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Team debates

If Williams should not be successful in 2019, we expect to have a new team team discussion. Claire Williams, as set out last summer, has long been uninhabited. It seems that there is a group who thinks it's too weak and they would like to take control of it. Because Williams works solely as a family business, one thought Jonathan Williams (a picture), Claire's brother, was the face. Jonathan does not want. Behind all of these, there may be a dispute between Claire and Jonathan. Hundred percent, we do not look through that. But they're all right behind closed doors, that's not true.

Frank Williams Williams Williams Martini Regiment F1 ~ Frank Williams ~

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2018 vs. Williams 2019

My colleague Stefan Ehlen is again positioned to the slide and works out directly with the two cars. Can you try this one here, on our sister portal,!

On the way: We do not understand, because Williams has shown today but the new paint work. Below is the 2018. The new FW42 is only seen in the test drivers in Barcelona.

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More about ROK

How did Jonathan Kendrick make his fortune, which is now the basis of the ROK motto? The short story: Following the fall of the Berlin Wall, he moved to the old Soviet Union and started with an exports trade for different countries of the former East Block. He won his own statements for "fortune".

In the late 1990s, he put money in a new pay system and was even more prosperous. For a short time it disappeared. He then met his business company, John Paul DeJoria, and he started his & her; the ROK opinion. ROK is for "Return of Kendrick". A company was established in 2002. In the meantime, there are more than twelve companies in the company; group.

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Claire Williams's first word

"2018 was sorry for us," she says after the worst year in team history. "It's hard to go through this, but we did not lose any staff over the winter, which is a proof of Williams' strength. – there is no one for what we have seen in 2018. It needs to be done To make progress. "

Paddy Lowe worked well behind the scenes, making sure the right people had the right jobs. And with the new drivers, Robert Kubica and George Russell, they have started "Williams the next generation".

Big words.

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ROKiT: just one of many companies

Jonathan Kendrick has several companies, as a result of our first research, under ROK at first corporate identity. ROKiT is just one of them. Others include brandwort (brewed in Bavaria), a technology company and a water medicine company. ROK Diamond sells diamonds. And energy drinks are also included. Broad port, then.

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That was good, Giedo!

The first replica of the Williams and # 39; come in. Giedo van der Garde laughs on her side. He thinks that the Williams play is likely to be the current design of magic in an online racing game. Do you think that's so bad?

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New colors

"Williams's traditional colors have been blue and white, but I wanted to really solve them," said the Leader of the team, Claire Williams, in her speech. Of course, a team leader is not totally right, and speaks hard. On paper she is still a "interest" of Papa Frank. However, her health is getting worse and worse by improving age.

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First picture clean

That's the same, Williams Williams. With ROKiT as sponsor title many would not expect. The purpose of mobile phone makers is to sell accessible mobile phones. Behind the stamp is John Paul DeJoria (Patron Tequila, Paul Mitchell) and Jonathan Kendrick (Goodyear, Yokohama). Kendrick edited the tires at Williams at the Grand Prix 1978 Argentine by Alan Jones.


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Ruairidh ROKiT Williams

The sponsor's secretly announced a new title: officially, ROKiT Williams is Racing. It is a mobile phone maker. At the moment we do not know more.

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The service will start at 16:00

When the first pictures of the new Williams come, we can not say it sure. The normal barrier times are for PR material at 16:30. We may spend half an hour with a low PR privacy until the latest colors are shown. But let's wait. 16:00 a.m. it's the same … 😉

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"True" view!

On the way, Williams simply does not launch an online video as Toro Rosso by video, but has put journalists into the factory in Grove.

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Kwjat looks forward to Kubica

Williams's main attraction is a (we expect new motivation with a leading supporter, possibly from Poland) Robert Kubica. Then Daniil Kwjat is going over us, He is happy about the return of Poland in Formula 1: "He is the one who first gave me in Formula 1 folder in 2009. He had a karting team, and I won a ticket for the exams Formula 1 in Barcelona, ​​I met Robert there and said, "Oh, you are that!" Then he brought me through the BMW box, he showed me his command, the room of engineering, all cool memories! "

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