The first image of the sun hole came north


The Sun is the center of the solar system in which the Land is located, although it is large, one star in the vast and incompetent earthquake.

After several missions to learn more about the sun, the European Space Agency (ESA, for its expression in English) continued to capture the first images of the north-west pulley.

The pictures of the sun do not appear only one of their faces. Visual viewers, which are designed for this purpose, can only design one side of the star that is not represented above or above.

ESA explained that the images have been achieved through the mini-satellite Proba-2.

According to experts ESA, It's the trick to achieve the image to & # 39; Most who took a few images of the edges of the star and then take it in the form of a riddle to get a positive picture of it Northern sun pollen.

This is the first image of the north-west pulley:

The line shown in the center of the image, which overlooks the surface of the sun, as a result of the changes that have taken place in the atmosphere during the short time in which it has created this vision. The dark spot shown in the center of the disk is caused by sun winds, according to the ESA account on its website.

According to scientists, these scenes contribute greatly to their & # 39; Demonstrate the intentions of the poles, such as the way to wave and move. These images may show some of the mystery of the sun, for example dark regions called coronal holes and radiation waves called coronal shades.

At this time, these images are an estimate. To get the real things, we need to wait until 2020, when the Solar Orbiter resolution of the ESA is launched.

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