The first images of the password have appeared from Google / News /


Google should immediately flag the video service, which was publicly tested using the Assassin action game and the Creed Odyssey game.

Now, there are images of the iconic Google control which will be recommended to service users from the Drift Project. Generally, the organizers of games are the same, have two similar bits, a padlock cross, four promotional keys and extra buttons. Usually they have only one site and a different body shape.

This administrator has buttons for Google, a microphone, and also, Home and Menu. The microphone button can not only turn and microphone, but also launch the Google supporter. Yanko Design created these legislations because of photographs and sketches published in a Google patent.

Google holds an annual event for developers Game A Summit Conference from 18 March to 23 March. It is expected and expressed that the company's administrator is strong.

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