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A regular session of the National Assembly will begin with Prime Minister's questions. Picture: BoBo

Prime Minister Question: What is the US immigration agreement?

November 19, 2018 at 11:51,
Last Intervention: November 19, 2018 at 14:24
Ljubljana – MMC RTV SLO, STA

The National Assembly, with headquarters questions, begins to start; First National Assembly's regular session with Prime Minister Marjan Šarac and ministers. Prior to that, the MEP noted that the Minister for Performance, Mark Bandelli was retiring.

The National Assembly has already picked up a memorandum on a minister without a responsibility that is responsible for development, strategic projects and continuity Mark BandelliS "The National Assembly is aware that Bandellie has stopped being a minister, "said the President of the National Assembly Leave Jidan and said that Bandelli would continue to go on business for a short time until a new minister had been appointed.

Parliamentary questions to Šarc
According to Prime Minister Marjan Šarc, the government has not yet spent time to prepare a complete tax reform in the next two months. In any case, it will not take you overnight and without a broad debate, or will not show work versions. "As a result, storms can be replaced again in water glass, "said Šarec, who asked the NSi advocate about the plans with the tax reform Jožef HorvatSub-"The government will take steps from the joint agreement when they are preparing statutory measures from the tax range," he was interested.

An act of law had not imposed a levy on today's buildings, which appeared in public, just on a draft work according to the words Šarč "it does not indicate what we & # 39; trying to do. "Do not worry about taking any action overnight, "continued and made it again that the time required for the reforms is only necessary when the proposals are ready, will be taken to the public and will be considered in Collaboration with entrepreneurs, employers, social partners …

Sharec helped the OECD survey, which showed that Sovietism stands out as workload over an average. In this part, it is a & # 39; See a place for improvements, so tax reform will be to reduce workloads with a slightly higher burden on capital. "We will do our best to ensure that the tax burden has been distributed as fairly as possible, "he made sure.

Slovenia does not support illegal migration
Prime Minister Šarec also told Members that Slovenia does not have dominion in this area by coming to the United Nations on migration. He emphasized that the agreement does not match illegal migration with legitimate ones, and says that Slovenia does not; supporting illegal ones. However, the police are successful in fighting anti-migration.

"Unlawful migration is a problem and Slovenia does not support them, "said Sharc clearly. The illicit migration facing Slovenia is not the result of a wave of migration but the activities of a criminal steering group . " And we are Fight against this every day. The Slovak police are responsible for this, "emphasizing Šarec in response to a parliamentary question Danijela Krivca (SDS), which challenged Sharca with the question of where there was an official translation of this agreement, as it could also save the open problems that the public will encourage.

Šarec explained that there was no translation, as this agreement was not valid in parliament, but said that it was a translation of the orders and that it would be available to the public.

Much impact on the migration agreement
However, he said at the same time that this is "he does not change anything"In particular, this arrangement is not legally binding, he stressed. In terms of this agreement, it was confirmed to be reinforced by the December war in Marrakesh,"big pollution is happening".

Countries that have withdrawn from the contract have been made for domestic policy purposes, said Sharec, and rejected the policy "scared"people want"gather political points ", which, according to the words Šarčev, is also used by SDS. He stressed that countries will join the agreement, "who have huge migratory problems than we do, "as long as it addresses the Spanish

"Due to this designation, there will be no more migration in Slovenia. But this proof is the beginning of problem solving, just as we tackle climate change and other issues"he said." KIf each country is solved in its own way, it will close within its borders (…) we do not come long,"said Šarec, saying that the EU has major problems due to an unacceptable solution of migration problems.

"The source of migration at the source must be addressed and does not mean that we are doing politics here today, "said the PM."This agreement recognizes the sovereignty of each country, "he stressed Sharec, saying that the government is saying that it does not participate in anything,"which would hinder our quality".

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