The first iPhone's concept shows its commas


The first iPhone prototype was now released. The engineers in charge of the project had to use the big purple table – related to the code of the project – to do their technical test.

All of the plant has been blasted on this PCB. Whilst the model of the first iPhone is recognized as a result of this module, it isn't all prototy tapes.

Some designers would have to block an external display in this table. Few engineers even got out the final design before the first iPhone came to market.

Steve Jobs confirmed that no one could hear any information and that he managed to keep the reindeer close to his project. This charter is not just for keeping the secret but especially for testing each element independently of each other.

As is the detail of this article from The Verge, we can see the electronic process of this electronic card, a processor K4X1G153PC. Apple also used Samsung reminders which were incorporated with the 620 MHz ARM processor, identified by the code name ARM1176JZF.

In memory of storing, Apple used a NAND card, the K9HBG08U1M, for storage of the operating system. This technology is similar to that of most existing SSD groups.

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