The first meeting and its # 39; first meeting on the Council of the Old Town of Wednesday


One day after the urban elections, Trnava's town council will be replaced.

21. November 2018 at 9:52 AM TASR

Trnava. On Wednesday, Lord Peter Bročka requested a formal closing session of the 2014-2018 MPs and one hour later for a new Trnava Town Council meeting for the 2018-2022 election period. This is a sophisticated and functional part.

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At the last session, members will be expected to review the last four years, parliamentary parliament speakers, and a Memorandum Trnava memorandum.

The deputy ambassador will make commitments to the messengers and then they will work on the establishment of their council and election of its members, the establishment of commissions, the determination of their activities, the establishment and co-ordination of town committees. The program also includes address to & # 39; Mhoireir.

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At the beginning of the parliamentary term, the town council will have 31 members in Trnava, 28 a & n; stand as independent, two for CoMM and one for Smer-SD. Out of the independent, 24 is on the platform of a Flyer at Broker of Lepšia Trnava, and so on. get a majority in the archeology. The council will have 17 new delegates. There are six women among the landlords.

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