The First Minister has a happy beach


Speaking about Ho Ngoc Ha, under the eyes of horoscopes, it is easy to explain the chain of marketing. According to his biography, the Queen was born on 25 November 1984, on the day of Hoi Hoi, a month in Hoi Hoi, the year of the Rat Rat. It's expected that her bowl Hai Trung Kim (The Yellow Sea) will leave her, "a small rat", but a "common wolf" (to a certain degree of foolishness).

The reasonable researchers said that if Ha Ho was born right at Hoi's time, even though her voice was rather terrible, her appearance was rather rough but she was still the dominant name of the Vietnamese town, by destroying the military and t Thai Thai's Horoscopes mark the number. These stars are also counted in the number of well-known singers such as Thanh Lam and Vinh Hung Dam.

In addition, the Mercury woman has a strong influence on art but is bad for love because of her love, ambitious and ambitious. In addition, Billionaire Merchants and the name "Ho Ngoc Ha" click on Thuy but although he helps with the role, he claims that women with this poem will be robustness and participation of partners. everyday life.

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