The first Netflix business that does not have a & # 39; watch videos online


If you were told that Netflix was born in 1997, it might be surprising why you just described the platform just a few years.

And the company was not always a page of it flowing of films and series.

Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph they set up their company in 1997 and next year they launched a DVD rental service for home movies in the United States

In 2007 they launched the online reintroduction service, which is now the largest in the world, with over 130 million sub-headquarters in 190 countries, according to the site- nets.

At the same time, Netflix DVDDVD rentals and blu-ray gods, although it is a consumer loss, there are still nearly three million subsidiary companies in the US and it's a profit business.

Unlimited mile

The customers of the Netflix DVD are receiving CDs at home, which is a. reaching a red envelope two or three days after ordering.

They do not pay transport costs and can return movies or series at any time they want, not to, threatening a fine.

Once the discs return, they can get others.

The plans cost between $ 4.99 and $ 14.99 and, depending on the same option they choose, users can access up to two registers at the same time.

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Paying the DVDs is independent of the service you enjoy flowing.

But why are you waiting to get the guys to your home if you see the movie you want at the time you want to thank the internet?


There are 2,828,000 subscribers in Netflix DVD, according to the company's quarterly financial report in September 2018, sent to BBC Mundo. In 2017 the number was 3,520,000.

A profit in 2018 is US $ 161 million, almost US $ 24 million less than in 2017, although this is a figure that is not so easy.

In addition, the company still has a & # 39; investment in this business branch: in 2017 it launched the Netflix DVD demand so that users could manage their accounts and order the movies from their cell phones.

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More films?

The technology port Make Use Of Listing several reasons for subscribing to Netflix DVD.

One is that it offers films who's not on the re-play platform online, as the site of the Netflix DVD says.

Another purpose is to use the service that is not dependent on the internet, which is a good option for poorly-affected areas of the network.

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