The first picture of Juan Darthés appeared in Brazil – 01/02/2019


Juan Darthés (54) celebrates this 2019 in Brazil with his wife and family. This was named Wednesday Angelo de Brito (42), who also shows the first picture in San Pablo of the actor who was called for harassment and enforcement.

"We found Darthes with his children and a woman I do not know if he is his wife. This photograph is a couple of hours ago. The hotel is where he was breakfast, I do not know; if it's a stop. But they say he lives in a house"he noticed the driver The angels of the morning (Thirteen, at 10.30).

Finally, the journalist confirmed that the image that was the quiz was the actor that was expressed Calu Rivero, The Anita Coacci and Nati Juncos for harassment and Thelma Fardin, for sexual abuse, with his wife, María del Carmen Leone (52), who died after Christmas to be with her husband and her father's father, Tomás and Gianfranco.

Although he is already A few images of it were circulated at the Rosario airport, before leaving for Brazil, is now in The angels of the morning They placed on the air their first image of Darthés in his native country.

In addition, the picture shows that there's no marital emergency Some of the media have been lodged yesterday, when the actor's wife is still he was in Argentina to solve legal questions before moving to reconnecting with their children's father.

Another show of love and weight on María del Carmen to her husband In such a sad time of life, the movement of a woman in her life was in her; WhatsApp account.

The photo of Juan and María has been placed on her WhatsApp profile.

The photo of Juan and María has been placed on her WhatsApp profile.

Is that the platinum? He had an image with one of his sons and she changed it in the last hours for a man she is doing with her husband. In that image, which is considered to be old, both laughing and happy in the Bahamas.

It should be noted that Darthés to Brazil had praised the lawyer Fernando Burlando. "At times, he praised personally to leave Argentina, to be a Brazilian, It was a good idea; to go back to Brazil, in particular to take account of the Brazilian law system and how it works; addressing his constitution to the citizens ", he explained the lawyer after the actor's visit.

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