The first picture of "Zain" Ibn Ruwaida Attieh


Artist Rwaida Attia has her first "Zain" child today in a hospital in Beirut
Rwayda Attia named her son's name when she stated she was pregnant with her fourth month when she was involved in the summer summer of the Fèis Mawazine.

Rowaida Attia is pregnant with a child and her husband's name refuses to publish Ms. My Lady's Magazine

Ruwaida Attia did not reveal her husband's name, but said he was a businessman from Lebanon working in Australia.
On the other hand, Ruwaida Attia left the song "Taaa" and gave him a son "son", but he did not. She could kill her in a video clip due to the health problems she had suffered while she was in the eighth month, that she had to go into hospital and stay there for several days, Her doctor has to rest.

Ruwaida Attiya decided to remove her son from the Media Media and he only made her photo media office showing her baby's feet, "Zain".

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