The first response from the Government for the rule of the Court: "We value the law decision" – 11/27/2018


The Minister of Justice, Germán Garavano, proposed to recommend this Tuesday morning decision of the Supreme Court until judges and staff are able to attend. That power that has been approved since 2017 is paid to & # 39; Income Tax.

"We value the High Court's Court of Justice's decision, unanimously, to support the recommendation from the Ministry of Justice; Justice and Human Rights to comply with the law, "said the minister. Clarin.

The Court decision was unanimous. He refused to subordinate the Law of the Judiciary against a law passed by the Transport in 2016. As there was a failure in lower conditions that accepted the amparo, Ministerial agreement to appeal to the High Court in protest, which came to an end to cause it.

It is the spirit of that regulation the Judges can not improve the powers of Other Power, in this case, the Legislation, if it is; Give default that does not oppose its & # 39; Constitution.

However, Pablo Tonelli, former candidate for Cambiemos and member of the Magistracy Council, High Court agreement "has been identified in accordance with the law agreed in the National Congress two years ago."

"This regulation reflects that the constitutional principle of equality must be promoted in public spending and respect, with particular emphasis on fair justice and taxes. It will apply it in a few years to pay all income tax carers, like the rest of our people, "said the legislation.

And he stressed his decision "addressing the debating question about paying income tax with judges".

The Court decision known as Tuesday is designed in Highly planned hot court menu from now until the end of the year, and that will end on December 18 with the case that goes to the end of the year, Most of the Government is concerned about: what formula should be measured with salaries and compensation of practitioners; the State asked. In mid media, there will be a failure in a 2×1 application to repusers and a slogan law in Santa Cruz, among others.

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