The first review of Fallout 76 is a & # 39; begin to appear and the game is not very good


It is likely that RPG games in Bethesda's multi-game form did not appear to have been removed.

Revisions on Fallout 76 were not available on the date of publication, as Bethesda did not run attendees and did not; They can even play a game before they went out. That's why reviews will not begin until those days (we expect us during the weekend). Well, it does not look pink yet.

The average for Metacritic 2.9 users is for PC, 2.7 for PS4 and 2.4 versions of Xbox One version. And yes, consumer reviews are tough because, as only trolls are often, the site is not even searched or deleted; play at all. So, check criticisms' reviews.

It's even better, but there's no glory. The Xbox One version is a 62-bit diameter, a 61-bit PC version and a Playstation 4 version of 49 only. The game has been dramatically shifted, the objections are appealing, as well as design without NPC characters. Their game has many problems, but many critics agree the game is just weak.

  • World Playstation – 7/10
  • – 10/10
  • GamesRadar – 5/10
  • VideoGamer – 4/10
  • The Guardian – 2/5
  • Push Square – 3/10
  • GameStar – 6/10
  • Xbox performance – 65/100
  • Forbes – 5/10
  • Eurogamer – Avoid!
  • CGMagazine – 3/10

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