The first season of the season is a # 39; bringing out Chelsea brothers under Sarri


It gave a 90-minute coil to attack the list that was; The Chelsea team has grown increasingly that his coach had been the forefront of much of the season.

Chelsea was fortunate to get away from Wembley Stadium with a 3-1 victory to Tottenham Saturday. Tottenham's players were quick and tough and most likely to be easy to win at five or six.

Some will try to put this product into a scene, arguing that this is a # 39; Chelsea 's first loss in the 19 games of this season and that a game was off against Tottenham – a team that has been leading a Premier League campaign – among the most difficult season .

Looking deeper, however, and there are a number of issues to worry about the Chelsea Maurizio Sarri coach, which has shown that there is a "obvious problem".

Perhaps the most likely these challenges seem to have a & # 39; Jorginho's deep middle school going to & # 39; hauling Chelsea. Balancing from Naples, Jorginho, sets out how the team is doing. play by spreading indirectly and Sarri's arms are on the field.

Dele Alli started throughout Jorginho on Saturday, giving mistakes from Italy and internationally; Continue to be hit at Alli just over half a time. Everton did the same thing as a 0-0 draw at Chelsea in the last round of games before the international scene, with Richarlison going on to & # 39; back to remove Jorginho, which ended up being preserved for bad scissors on Sigurdsson Gylfi.

The fact that Jorginho is an ineffective and naturally effective focusing on N & # 39; Golo Kante, a player that is widely seen as the best gaming in the world but not & # 39; Play that place for Chelsea.

Now he plays a more advanced career in the forefront of Jorginho, grown out of international France. He was unnamed against Tottenham, giving an invasion threat because the game was greatly donated by him. Kante's chances are to be taken away by Sarri.

At the same time, Jorginho's removal of her & # 39; game out there is less protection for the four back of Chelsea. Most often, David Luiz, a football match center, was easy to sit with Jorginho sitting in front of him, but defending himself and defender of Antonio Rudiger's central defense against Tottenham.

Luiz could defend at times and turned back to Harry Kane when the stripper put out in a long-term picture for Tottenham's second goal that Following Chelsea has been very impressive; After a long time, Iain Terry dropped his body often for the purpose of the team.

With his back, Marcos Alonso still has a & # 39; attacking its wings, there is a danger that Chelsea's defense can overcome it.

In the background, Sarri still has a & # 39; Transition between Olivier Giroud and Alvaro Morata as a teammate but one player has not been sure. Giroud is sending her & # 39; best case out of danger but not a & # 39; gets enough score, with his wembley competition. His first goal of the season's Premier League.

Morata offers more of a danger of visiting but is inconsistent, with Sarri recently saying that the Spanish striker is "mentally fragile".

That means there is a reluctance of risk to make a Chelsea knockout. Although he started the season with 10 goals in his first 12 games for a club and country, he did not score on 7 October and he did not. The responsibility of the team's ability to start can be helped.

Tottenham went over Chelsea in the venues and only one point over the five places of Arsenal, with Manchester City, visit Stamford Bridge early next month.

The month of the month under the Sarri period lasted three months. Now it looks at its & # 39; His first first test as a Chelsea coach.

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