The first "selfie" of InSight Mars from the Red Planet


NASA mission published a new picture of social networks. "I feel healthy, enthusiastic and ready," he posted.

"A first selfie! I feel healthy, enthusiastic and ready." This message is the first message from a Twitter user or Instagram … but not. It is part of a new postage, in the social network of the small blue bird, InSight Mars, NASA's successful landing mission on November 26 on Mars.

Since she came to her Red Planet, InSight has been a "regular user" of social networks. From the first image built by InSight, who named him in the world that he had come safely, there are almost twelve photographs that his official account is already on published on social networks and 145 the raw images that were uploaded to an official mission website.

At this time, Insight Mars gives us a & # 39; First selfie, taken with one of its robotic arms, in which it shows its solar panels and the cover of the land.

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