"The first thing I'm going to tell you is that you do not talk to a piece of gum in your mouth." There was no Tinelli!


It's a program that's the Dancing for a Dream that's a definitely leave a person and, every year, many material make both the channel 13 and its competitors (Telefe, América TV, El Nine …) a & # 39; benefit from their upgrades as the people who participate in the biggest television show that has been on their own. Looking to have been very passionate and saying, on the way, so strong things that can not stop attention.

For example, a few days ago, after finding out what she had taken back with the jury, Cinthia Fernández dismissed them by talking to her co- but it was badly fortunate that a camera died then and many people said, asking the brutal language it used to bring it back in public.

In fact, not the first one (or the last one) to be & # 39; Treating tolerance in the Dance for a very simple cause: the participation of their partners, their tirelessness, the concerns and concerns of each partner will be able to; Starting his smile with a smile and he completes, practically, crying, as a result of the difficult times he needs to go over the months, including the strong jury return.

Marcelo Tinelli is aware of everything that is happening and, as such, as he can, he chooses to send a funny quote, and in his. In this case, he decided to be the "five exams", the son of Flor Peña, a child who seems to have caught his charisma, a good commitment and, above all, his mother's ability to talk about a subject Anyone with lots of natural love and common peace.

The conversation between the driver and the child was not very incapable:

Marcelo Tinelli: "The other jury. Flor Peña is there and there are more than Peña Flor you would … Now you have a cap. He already bought the ad. It's amazing, it's a great deal. . "

Son of Flor Peña: "I enjoyed the choreo but they talk about Flor Vigna and have never come to them. They will & # 39; talk, speak, speak and come. "

Marcelo: "You are the voice of the quiet people, the voice of the people who can not express themselves, the voice of the people. It is true."

Son of Flor: "They talk a lot about her but she does not come …".

Marcelo: "The first thing I'm going to tell you is that you do not talk to a gum that hits your mouth. You have to take the gum away. Length of a file (h: m: s) Can you see something that Flor Vigna does not come? Because he thinks, so mind like … "

Mac: "He can not. Then he will not talk to her."

Marcelo: "Is Laurita Fernández wrong?"

Mac: "Yes."

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