The first time, the man of Lin Khanh Chi "up," tell all the brothers to his wife


Follow episode 4 "Star Meteorite" on the theme of "Lies", the artist Yen Trang, along with her friend Khanh Chi-Phi Hung Lin and the Chau Dang Khoa musician. gives an excuse It is proven that he will not protect the arguments we have put forward before this issue.

As homosexual and through a lot of life, Lin Khanh Chi was a very important woman, but as a result, Phi Hung's patience and he is always in love with the singer. any disagreement or ideas in life. However, everything changed when the two joined together in the "special test" of the Zhenqing. In the first question, Phi Hung put several reasons why he wanted his wife "Princess" Lin Khanh Chi "stand up" due to unexpected.

Rionnagan Mars: Lin Khanh Chi is at risk in front of human lies

Due to his lack of injury, Phi Hung said that his lie happy. In addition, the person also states that he is convicted of "painful" to make sure he is in a position; Every time you go with his wife to buy. Not to stop it, "battle" was sent to; A big couple came to an end when a series of questions about MC Zheng Hua for Hung Kung mean that he "says" all his wife's wives, especially when the singer is enthusiastic.

First time someone told Lin Khanh Chi up, his whole wife - Picture 2.
First time someone told Lin Khanh Chi up, his whole wife - Picture 3.

Zhen Chen is the first question: "Men and women, who are worse?" She received a response that was shot by Captain Lam Vy Da when she said they did not need to know about the reasons why men have always evaluated when they meet women. Having been vindicated to human beings, recognize her & her; The Duchess of Thinh also have the bed to maintain pleasure in love, in marriage because women are stunning and jealous, sometimes lying They are always "medication" to take them confidence.

Mars Stars: Teaser episode 4

Be aware of Duc Thinh, "Tran Thanh" chairman declared "jealous women" and MC men are also "suffering" when Hari Won abandoned self-breaking at lying it was open. It is more spectacular, Director Duc Thinh also said that his wife was the "most dangerous inspector" in the family that he should not tell the words of a half-heart to "get" immediately.

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