The first university in the country has passed over with lunch with air, very comfortable but completely free


On 20 November 1818, the University of Chi Chi Minh's Technical Technology Institute organized its opening ceremony and organized a air-conditioning break-in fitted with hammock set for the students at the school. This is the first university in the country for such a cheap and cheaper lunch.

The school used the south side of the school hall, with a space of 18mx10m, to create a place for students after school struggles. This is also a way of helping two clear lessons to sleep in the hall of the speech or hall; waiting for the next lesson.

We know the pool will be open from 11am to 13pm a day, Monday to Friday. The students are free, comfortable to go asleep as you like.

The first university in Vietnam has a lottery rescue, very comfortable but completely free - Picture 1.

The hamag is located in the stones of the University of Technical Education (Hcmute).

After spreading this information widely, many alumni of the school came into an opinion:

"One day all day sleeping in the hall or in the classroom … The students are now happier than the previous generation" – Hana Ko Facebook said.

"The school is more comfortable, so in the old days, K-09 is like it is now, I want to take lunch in the evenings and to go to sleep to be ready for the evening. Mr Nguyen Hoang Trung complained.

"The old school should sleep in the classroom for up to 5 years to get the school. At the moment, the hard school to Makerting is also to attract students!", an old student remembered his glorious days.

Despite the disappointment of alumni, the students who are experiencing Studying at school is very proud:

"Always proud to be a student at the Technical Education College."

"I hope, with this lunchtime, my mental classes will be a lot better."

"Thank you for the school that gave us all the best things, and again we will endeavor to learn well!"

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