The first woman who got cancer advanced


A woman diagnosed with advanced advanced cancer was fully healed, and now she was talking about a cure that saved her life in American publication.

Judy Perkins, aged 49, was diagnosed with a prominent cancer on the hill, with a metastasis in gold and other groups. The doctors told him at that time that he would not live for more than three years. However, he was elected in an immunotherapy inspection. He did not have anything to lose, so he did not believe it.

With immunotherapy, a woman fled from the towers in a & # 39; body and was cured for two years when the results of the inspection were published. What's bigger, the oncologist who cured her did not answer her body in an amazing way.

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"We are near a big outcrop in oncology", Canadian doctor Laszlo Radvanyi said last year after his success was announced. This is a & # 39; The first time in the oncology history when patients with advanced cancer were treated with immunotherapy, including the spread of cancer cells spread through the body of a woman with its own defensive system.

"I started to get cure from the clinical trial in December 2015. The doctors cut off cellular cells, developing them in the laboratory, then put them back in my body until they were They can fight against cancer. ", she told the woman.

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"But the cure was working. When I got home after her New Year, I realized that the tumor that did not put my heart on my bad arms. A few weeks later the I had a tumor just next to my heart, under the sternum, and he had grown so big that he started to look under the skin. But after immunotherapy, he was just has disappeared. I was scared. ", she said.

Judy Perkins is now living and her. get a living. Unfortunately, however, the cure did not work for two women who became friends and were familiar with them during the inspection.

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