The first year of going down: The Road to Eden will be launched, Switch – The Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden t


The Bearded Ladies game "work" Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden "has been a very exciting work last year after last year's announcement (get a bit from the review article) Secondly, the developers too are keen to make the game as close as possible to the biggest players, the game now available on the Xbox Game Pass, but now we know that this game will take place t Switch stage this summer!

The trailer below shows some players before the Switch version was released, which was set up for 25th June in Japan as a hybrid fuel platform stage launched in Nintendo. . Even if you do not want to buy the Switch version, it is still worth considering this date, as the DLC will also get the same platform on the same day, and the game also allows. hosted the hospitality version of the sales game version.

Do you want to buy the Switch version of "The first year of going out: the road to Eden"?

Year of Mutant Zero: Road to Eden

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