The five cases of aviation would have been infected in an incident room


It was recognized by Cordilleran townmaster, Antonio Reato, who said it was "stupid" because of her; Every year that affects one or two with hantaviruses that come back with their own ways, but there are not many people who have a lot of people. including five exams. how it happened now.

Patients suffer from the lung disease that causes them; virus, including the girl who died on the weekend, coming from different families and that it was common for them to attend a birthday that was held in a hall of events that were involved in an accident.

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A child under the age of 11 broke fire in the pocket and was taken to hospital

But Reate is clear that the room has been used consistently and is always in the best cleaning conditions, making it even more unusual because its longitudinal mice virus is very common in the mountain range, which is Choosing a habitat for non-existing places and are not clean.

Reato said that more people suffering from traffic disasters are hauntavirus issues.

Finally, he valued the work of the health practitioners who do the activity to control the enemy who is doing; Including a campaign that is cleaned and & # 39; Cleaning near families' homes affected by these issues. (Radio Chubut)