The flood of water, the flood-destroying in Nha Trang feared many people


On November 18, due to the effects of storm Àir. 8, which resulted in heavy rain and flooding caused that the suburban areas around the town of Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa) were at risk. Many roads have turned to rapid flows, many houses flooded by floods.

Feudal floods were mountain gutting in the Rev. Nha Trang. Well: Facebook

On the social network, problem cuts and hilllings in the Hon Ro area, Dong Phouch is a communion in the southwestern part of Nha Trang, many of the injured people were brought out from the scene by rescue forces. saved in hospital.

Due to flooding of water, over the roads of this place, many areas were divided by floods, so the route to a difficult field.

In this district, some of the villagers and soldiers have a gathering around the area by flooding floods. The rapid flow of the water causes many houses and livelihoods of people around the area are flooded by floods.

Some people try to stop through a stream of water to move down the safe place. Some accused are constantly accused, asking if someone is down.

Up to 16h on 18/11, flooding in the town of Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa's division has killed 12 people, 6 and 2 are injured, losing people, are surrounded in a & # 39; Vinh Tho, Vinh Truong, Vinh Hoa and Dong Phuoc.

In the morning, Nha Trang City has 400 charters, School of Information Office School units, Air Force School, Navy Academy … with local area branches and homework. Rescue at a landslide site, searching for people buried, wanting and doing; bringing the wounded person to anguish. At the same time, the town of Nha Trang has been moving 250 homes rapidly with 1,400 people in the Pagi area of ​​Lambi to safe shelter.

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