The flu vaccine is not enough


Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the world will be running out of the flu vaccine that could be due to the global outbreak of a pandemic, 39 t despite efforts to improve output. "Although the world is better off than ever before to fight a pandemic flu, it is still insufficiently prepared," said Martin Freddy, the leading researcher at the launch of the pandemic. a new global flu strategy.

Better equipment is needed to prevent, get out, control it and treat flu and spread flu, WHO said. Vaccines and antiviral drugs were so effective, especially in countries with low and medium incomes, as a priority.
Since 2006, global vaccine yields have risen high, from 1.5 billion to 6 billion, said Freddy. “Not enough to cover the need across the world, and everyone will probably need two doses of the vaccine.” He warned that giving immunization would allow time. and researchers must wait to find a certain type of virus after it is transmitted before they are immunized, which can take about six months.

The group also announced that its new strategy is the most comprehensive and aims to develop an influenza program to ensure national health security at all levels. T most global.

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