The food makes 5 food types that we still eat daily but simply clean all the way


People who are aware of health are always aware that eating pre-dietary food is very important. This process looks very easy, just open the faucet and wash it, but unfortunately not everyone is doing it right. Despite this, we have a well-known diet every day but we still do not have enough to wash them in the wrong way.

This is how common food we eat every day to ensure our nutrition is clean and maintained.

1. Fruit and vegetables frozen

The five foods we eat every day, but all we've got to clean the wrong way, we do not often do it; cleaning or losing nutrition - Picture 1.

After frozen vegetables have to make their lives easier, just put them in a bag and boil. But you should know before making frost, vegetables should be washed with water. If you follow the same process, you may not need to burn it again.

If it is left without frost, it is very dangerous because of the decomposition and bacteria; leaving on their food, if it always gives the disease the disease causes people, whether cooking in any temperature.

2. Rice

The five foods that we eat every day, but all things that are wrongly cleaned, are often not clean or clean; losing nutrition - Picture 2.

For each type of thing, it is common clean with water before cooking. Many people are used to have a 3-4 hour rubbing until clean water is cooked. But this can accidentally lose the vitamins and the minerals of rushes.

An analysis carried out by the Nutrition Institute, the Delta Delta Mekong Institute and the International Rice Research Institute, published in 2008, was the way it was to do. washing, cooking with trap and swim Sometimes before he knocked out, he lost a lot of iron, zinc in Russia. Also from this study, experts told people to take care of when they were to wash the micronutrients. When the rushes do not put their hands away. It is OK to "move", ie, into the pot, to move or burn … but light water is required to remove the dirt. Make it 2-3 times until the dirt is removed.

3. Mic and bears

The five foods that we eat every day but completely clean the way we do not. cleaning or nourishing - often.

Although there are seafood such as oysters, clams, outlets … on shells but you still need to clean them. Even if you buy these foods in a frozen state, they must also be cleaned because they are filled with sand and salted.

You can clean them in the following way: Put them under the runupup to leave requests. Then, put them in a cold water pot, add some salt and drop into the path for at least half an hour, move a couple of minutes long & what you're waiting for. When you leave them out of their language, just leave them and pick them out.

Another cleaning can refer to cutting some cuttings or just for hours to allow the clams, outlets and mussels to remove the mud.


The five foods that we eat every day but completely clean the way we do not. cleaning or losing nutrition - often.

Whatever type of thing you need to know how to get it in detail. If you're preparing for a mull choir – the only food in the cabbage family, you must split and clean all the cranes. If you would like to cook a purple or white cabin, you must remove the top two slates as they may be more exhausted, cut the cabbage and insert it under running water. To remove dirt and remove bacteria, place your sink full of water, add a few drugs of wine and leave for a few minutes. Then wash the cabbage with clean water.

To store this vitamin C product in this food, cut and burn the cabbage just before cooking or eating because the microbes are in the kitchen; Chaba to handle carbon steel and its; turn the pages into black. So use a steel hard knife for cutting.

5. Fashion and other fruit

The five foods that we eat every day but often wash frequently than a pillow or if you lose your nose - Picture 5.

Healthy fruit is always good for your health, but you do not forget that it's important to wash before they eat. Researchers say that using the use of soda and water is the best way to take poison out of an apple. After biting for 12 minutes, its & # 39; Most chemicals away from fruit litter.

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