The Ford Government remembers legislation after Power Workers Union Union the launch of a strike action


The government of Ontario remembers the legislation on Monday after its staff at the Ontario power unite strike a strike on Friday. The government says that it will meet to keep legislation back to work to keep workers energy and work on the abolition of extensive distributions.

Friday, the Workers' Association (PWU) launched a launch to attack the Ontario Power Generation (OPG), after refusing its final offer. The warning takes 21 days so that services can be withdrawn.

"We want to confirm everyone in Ontario, families and businesses, that we are going to take action quickly to solve this issue," Minister said to Greg Rickford Power in newsletters on Friday.

OPG said in a Thursday statement "it is unhappy that its fair and reasonable offer has not been confirmed by PWU members."

It would take three weeks to total down the down of nuclear plants in the & # 39; province, but Rickford said that most of her could be influencing power in seven to 10 days.

Rickford said that the OPG would take half of the electricity in Ontario. He said he would "have a huge impact on the economy, but to the safety of families and businesses, so we expect to take any steps that we need to take to ensure that supply is not provided . "

Detailed complaints plans & # 39;

The Union of Workers represents more than 16,000 workers in the Ontario energy sector, and including around 6,000 OPG staff.

The previous union said, "PWU members will continue to fulfill their duties in accordance with all safety compliance as work preparation."

In the Thursday recital, the OPG said "very detailed and serious action plans are being implemented."

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