The former BCL leader was raised dead


Delwar Hossain, 45, who was the organizer secretary of Chhatra League Sgìre Comilla South, was killed dead. The event was held around 9pm Saturday at the Shambabsi district in the town. He is a son of the Abu Mohsin district of Shambovski.

Local sources said that he was Delwar Hossain who was a 26th councilor. Yesterday at 9am he lived in his area. During this time, unidentified interpreters came into the motorcycle and fled from the head and fled from CEO leader, Delwar Hossain. At that time, the inhabitants of the Delwar gave the Comilla Medical College Hospital and the doctor's report was dead.

Comilla Sadar South Police Station Inspector (Survey) Kamal Krishna Reporting As the Delwar corps was in Chilla Medical Medical Hospital. The police were used at the center and in the hospital. The police investigate the event.

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