The former DGSE representative, who was held on Thursday at Ballaison, was "an absolute speaker of money" t


From an origin in Cranves-Sales and submitted for 17 years in Lucinges, Daniel Forestier was not hidden as a representative of the external security director (DGSE). T ) but his man was never told about his statements. service.

“Daniel was a whole man who was speaking money, hell of a character. To the strange questions, he claimed to be a security officer in Geneva to cut hares, but we all fell from the helm by learning the state of his death, "said Lucinges mayor Jean-Luc Soulat, who cite the mentioned; on social networks for the person who became a friend.

Bar Manager, Town Councilor and Novelist

He and his father married two children aged 22 and 24, and everyone in the small village on which this old soldier was housed knew the height of the Voirons. Between 2002 and 2007, Daniel Forestier took over Escapade's control, the town's tobacco bar. “Escapade had been, after all, a market fair for the area. Everyone sat on the biggest diversity, "writes Jean-Luc Soulat on her Facebook page." Escapade is dying. In the years you kept it, the parties and concerts came to an end at the end of the day and the liquid came free. From the Kinkerne to SpongeBob, through the birth of his rock band "The Lombrics", many local artists welcomed you. Whatever the style, it was vital that they gave a good atmosphere and atmosphere which was often at the rendezvous. "

In 2014, a member of the team of selected mayor Daniel Forestier becomes deputy responsible for the city's animation. He renamed the festival committee, Lucinges N Feta. “We set up a ten-day general hall, attended for two days, greatly invested in this project,” recalls Jean-Luc Soulat.

The Haut-Savoyard was also famous for his spirited novels with mysterious names such as "Dirty weather in the Voirons", "Requiem for a Savoyard" or "ibexes hide to die", books published on behalf of the author by whom he specializes t the story of his model counterpart, Max of Saint Mark, known as "MSM, barbouze of the Republic".

Daniel Forestier will be buried on Saturday in Cranves-Sales, along with his father, in the family playgroup, at the end of the religious ceremony at 2:30 pm in the church.


From origin from Cranves-Sales in Haute Savoie, Daniel Forestier burned five bullets at 57 on Thursday, serving 14 years in the external security Superintendent (DGSE), missionary in France. and overseas. overseas for the service of the service. Set over 17 years ago in Lucinges, a small city located on the platforms of the massif Voirons, the old soldier from Special Forces had occupied between 2002 and 2007 an Escapade, the town's tobacco bar it revival. local music groups. In 2014, on the list of the elected electorate, he became a local councilor, vice-guardian for urban animation, a position he held until his retirement in September 2018. it was revealed in the research framework of the plan about enemy murder in the enemy. Married with his father with two children, the Upper Savoyard also had fame for his writing skills, which wrote many spicy novels such as "Dirty weather in Voirons", "Requiem for the Savoyard" or "ibexes are hiding for death." Books published by an author describing his experiences with his son, replica Max de Saint-Marc, "Barbouze de la république".

Praise of Mayor Lucinges

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