The former Director of the C50 was discharged from News


In particular, in court, the former leader of Nguyen Thanh Hoa's staff, who was the leader of the Department, High-tech use police (C50) – Ministry of Public Security, & # 39; Responding clearly, he made the hearings on the clear impeachment of Phu Tho Procracy People (VKS); At the same time, he confirms the crime that distorts the state of power when they are in a position; discharging public duties the procuraterate was prosecuted as made.

"On 31 August 2010, after receiving the case, the defendant lodged the petition to the Phu Tho Provincial People's Court and the convener for taking responsibility, to get all the crime in the conviction, That is a bad bad power force in the test on duty, "said the defendant.

"The legacy is willing to respond"

Explain that when your court court responded to a lot of information; They know how it was before, defendant Hoa said: "The previous question answered, but the defendant wants to give more explanation. Relationship between the accused and the brothers at the C50, law between the C50 and the CNC Company. However, due to lack of control of the idea, there were words in the face of the claim, found in the application on 31 August 1818 that the submission of the claim was said. However, it affected it, it was difficult to question the Panel, the application. Unfortunately the defendant has opposed his / her sentence , the VKS in addition to the C50 team went to court to take part in control. The security also included a commitment to the CNC Company, Mr. Nguyen Van Duong. Indeed, CNC In addition to Duong on many software, techniques, training in C50 … ".

After the definition, the defendant Nguyen Thanh Hoa "take into his sins, accept the lawsuit on his or her", and he regretted. "The guardian also wants to exclude the leaders of the Ministry of Public Security for their actions, which have influenced the prestige of the Ministry of Public Security and the police. Taken from the desire to build forward forces in high tech crime prevention but many thoughts have failed, to-day. The person who defended his / her first director of the C50 to form the set up, build the base for the prevention of high tech crime, but the resolution has removed that picture, which, despite the description, is a thousand unhappy. He can not return, the person -Danie that includes a joke … "said the defendant.

Defender Nguyen Thanh Hoa expects the panel to review the "courtesy of reducing the sentence" to be early in the reconstruction with his family, mother of her & # 39; mourning. " "I have only one protection. When the mother lost the person, he did not see her mother the last time and she still had no light on any product for a mother to the soul of the person Protecting the person, who is still a child, in the secondary school, who needs spiritual support, "said Hoa.

Defender Nguyen Thanh Hoa later said, lawyer (LS) Do Ngoc Quang said the defendant has uncertain statements, in particular the impact of two pieces of munic remains from the end of 1971 . Since then, LS Quang suggested that the Panel considered the person who, It certainly agrees, to identify its error in the debate with the trial lawsuit.

Nguyen Van Duong plays his lead role in gambling

Earlier, on the same day, defender Nguyen Van Duong, who was Chairman of the High Tech Development Development Board (CNC), exiled Tran Hong Phuc explained many arguments to prove CNC was established as a C50 face company to execute its & # 39; project agreed with the appropriate authority of the Ministry of Public Security. CNC activities are recited by Nguyen Van Duong and follow the C50 and Police Departments. In addition, these organizations are familiar with the operation of the internet pay gateway as well as research bodies, but then they decide not to break the law, not to & # 39 ; treated. "The defendant is committing a crime in the context of a company with a wrong control that can not be easily seen as a criminal law that needs to be handled, without warning or warning of CNC's operation despite the factuality It is reported regularly, subject to the management and management of the C50, "said Puc.
The old CEO of C50 confesses crime - picture 2

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Major General Nguyen Thanh Hoa identified inconsistent

Phuc also said that the Rikvip games are set out to play with her; the solution factor is, but the reset bonus is managed by the Nam Viet Company through its Exchange cards exchange and exchange of money through agents, CNC does not do this. CNC is only participating in the form of players that play; Charges on telecommunications cards, but are not directly connected to the network and are not connected to the player but through the media. Since then, Puc said that a lawsuit against the Yang's defendant was lawsuit; in the case of a lawsuit; a lawsuit, which affects the work of her; The game is very serious for the accused and is not a real goal.

Responding to the LS, a representative suggested to & # 39; program that CNC's full-time C50 company was fully included in the conviction as well as the impeachment vision of the institution, so there is no other debate. But VKS delegates refused LS's argument about CNC's role, in which Duong was head. According to VKS representatives, CNC's role, VTC Online and Nam Viet have been able to set up a different gambling, which plays a major role in the CNC. A probationary representative said that Phan Sao Nam, formerly chairman and Head of VTC Online Company, confirming that the company had enough games to give but not; He can do it because of legal barriers. now breach the law. Nam Nam met Yang to ask about the spread of the game and Yang took responsibility for his abandoned procedure. The next thing, in the process of working its & # 39; game, CNC also produces bikes, telematics, trademark registration, and & # 39; Recruiting a number of customer care to answer questions for game players. "Without CNC, would VTC Online and NamViet be able to release the game? If the game is only on the computer only on the network, nothing will happen," reinforces the procurator.

A representative also explained that, despite the same crime in terms of a & # 39; complained about 3 to 10 years ago, Nguyen Van Duong was given a trial sentence of 8 to 9 years long and Phan Sao Nam was praised only 3 – 4 years & # 39 ; jail so far, Yang just has a & # 39; cure 240 billion of the 1,600 billion illicit benefit; As long as Sao Nam Nam Phan was over 90.7% of the total VND1,400 billion; benefit from card games. In addition, the procuratorate also stated that Yang Bill was not voluntarily introduced but the group has collected 2 savings books …

At the court, in the defense of Phan Sao Nam's defense, LS group identified many legal provisions, a disqualification situation for the defendant, and recommended that the consignee discovered that he was rescued from a criminal case for a glacier for Sao Nam Nam. However, the proxy representatives kept the vision of Sao Nam Phan out for a silver glaze, due to the particular nature of the case.

Comment on bankruptcy, banking

In defense of Nguyen Van Duong's defender, Tran Hong Phuc said that telecommunications employees are in addition to banks to work "the" system and to " pick up Rikvip / Tip. club. The languages ​​argue that the lax management of network workers is that the media interconnects a bill related to the network to clear the card.

"If network workers can not allow their telecommunication cards to pay for play services, their phone card is not required to exchange games," it is arguing by the procurator, arguing that the case has been started The network operators have stopped their online payment card service to prove that the network detector was in error. In addition, the National Share Stock Company (NAPAS) contributed a 49% stake in the State Bank a contract name to co-operate to pay for its Rikvip / Tip team .club a & # 39; show signs of breach. , because NAPAS must know what services are running at the pay gate. Phuc also commented on the responsibility of the Vietcombank, a bank that is directly linked to Rikvip and direct beneficiaries, along with over 30 other banks providing ATM cards for seasonal players. This project.

In response to the LS argument, a provost's representative confirmed that the responsibilities of agencies and associated units, including banks, separated, would be clarified further in second phase, as a result of Completion of a search term is on the # 39; this case. For Nguyen Van Duong, Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa online surrender to Nguyen Van Duong online compliance, so far there is no evidence of the survey body to verify that the person under Accused Vinh and Hoa's benefits of material So we will continue to analyze in stage 2.

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