The former Ligue 1 players are among the worst in the history of the Premier League


The Premier League doesn't count the money. Above all, it sometimes costs money crazy in the final minutes of a window of motion. Endangered risk on the English scale but sometimes gives strange situations, where players hire to play a lot of money almost ever.

Four of the team have named the 50 worst players in the history of the Premier League. A little game that couldn't and can't take such a thing as Ligue 1, found in this haunted chamber columns.

Cheyrou and Sanogo without seducing, Boumsong does pschitt

Among them, Bruno Cheyrou (21) and Salif Diao (49th), both of them in Liverpool in 2002. Continued with distinction, Nanid and Grandad were joined by the Gerard Houllier. Also, it's the first time and the first time is only borrowed in 2004 at OM. Attracted by the 2002 World Cup, where it specializes in France, the Senegalese Salif Diao is not better.

At a hopeful level of hope, hopefully the return poem to Yaya Sanogo (Arsenal), 35th Four Four Two. Youth regions in France, the old Auxerre attacker, who wanted Wenger in 2013, had been unable to demonstrate his ability in England despite frequent loans. Being damaged by injury he moves gently in Toulouse this season. A similar situation affected Jean II Makoun in 2011 (Aston Villa). He was badly injured; the old appointment of the old Lyonnais, € 6M, had not been won in Birmingham.

At the first 45th division, Sébastien Squillaci (Arsenal), at his Monegasque life, is missing. Joining Seville in 2010, the French-language international begins in Bastia in 2013. It only played 39 games in three quarters with the Gunners. After retraining for the Rangers in 2005, Jean-Alain Boumsong (17) had not escaped the flight that often defeated New French Castle. It was only one season, before it was worth it to Juventus. Florian Thauvin, who is played in the club in the north of England, doesn't appear in this grade despite the time he was hungry and the high price of his move.

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Mitroglou did no better in Fulham

In 2003, FC Nantes Cameroon's talent Eric Djemba-Djemba, thought he made the hardest thing connecting to Manchester United, where the promise of gold was promised. I cannot ask for the success of Roy Keane, the defensive mid-defender today in the 5th Swiss region. Showing the Red Devils by Radamel Falcao (50th). Taken against a great legacy from Monaco in 2014, Colombian called the block at Old Trafford and did little better the next season at Chelsea.

On the other hand, why don't you name Kostas Mitroglou, in a trench on the Premier League before putting on OM at the end of summer 2017. Heckled in Fulham despite the lack of movement to 15M in 2014, the Kostas Mitroglou n & # 39; it didn't last long in England. He has only three league games with London club.

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