The former post-graduate of Humenné brought the benefits illegally


Humenné will be on November 22 (TASR) – Deputy Chief Executive of Humenne and the current former minister in the city of Maria C. must return unpaid prizes to the town. The Senate decided to make a Regional Court in Prešov. Interpreter Vladimir Kostilnik continued in similar things.

In 2011, the Higher Audit Office (SAO) found that the former senior maestro, his position and the landlords were entitled to unqualified salary. "At the same time, the SSA stated in the report that self-government is obliged" to take steps to eliminate the shortcomings found. "According to the results of the SHA, the head of his home, with the Jana Vaľovová Chief Executive, withdrew from the senior master's and his legally reimbursed legal rewards," his city council said in a press release, with the total debt of Maria C. and her; up to 7,000 euros.

As the TASR informed this, speaker KS in Prešov Ivan Petrufová said the Senate decided to decide the Humenné District Court since May In & # 39; activity of obligation of the defendant to pay the applicant to Humenne 4560,38 eirra with appliances and also in most of the items &. Appeals Court, according to its other words, is & # 39; initially endorsed the decision of the court that the money paid by the complainant to the defendant for the period from November 2009 to December 2010 was a salary of more than 50 % pay the salary salary without reasonable cause, thus bringing the legally illegally rich. "At the same time, the Court Appeals allowed the applicant to pay compensation for the expenses of the appeals proceedings in respect of the defendant of the 100% she added. Birth at 21.11. valid.

The old Deputy Manager did not wish to comment on this case because she had no official decision from KS. "I was amazed to read in the regional newspaper PR the article with Mr Vaľov about the fact that there was a case in a regional court on November 15 that is unknown we have anything " She said for the media, saying she was later. Any opportunity for appeal will be considered to the High Court (SR).

Former Chief Executive Kostilník believes that his / her home's complaint is discriminated against. According to the SHA, the rulers of their home were also illegally paid, and including Vales, according to their words. "It is true that the Chief has invited everyone to return the money," he said for the media. But his home was only a attacking him and his position. The Kostilnik was successful in the area and regional courts. The town has submitted an incredible application in this regard, the SN has not yet been decided.

His previous office failure in court has stopped. "They did not have the same law, but they seemed," he said. he explained. Petrufová said in that opinion that her & # 39; court in disputes based on a different legal basis. "I have been awarded an award in respect of the Town Hall's Town Prize Act, and my Town Council gave me a salary (basic and prize, TASR note)," Kostilnik said he could not unlawfully strengthen himself when he only received the assets that he had agreed with landlords. town. Those, according to their other words, also decided to have 50% of the sea-level award; 5% of the salary earned the prize and the applicants were, and so was also the intention. "The District Court said they had to pay out of the basic salary, but in the intention of the basic plague did not say anything" he said. He also stated that the revenue was around EUR 19,000 in the MEP case.

As stated in his home response to the TASR given by Maria Míčková from the Humenne Town Hall, the town went on in the & # 39; opinion on the SAO protocol, which stated that the Chief Executive, Deputy Representatives and Electors had no remuneration. "After both circumstances, he confirmed that the legal opinion of the courts was the same as that of the SIA in the case of Maria C. and in Mr Kostilnik's case, the court did not give the SAO legal law" It is said that the town was right. "In both cases, the court was otherwise ruled, although there was one resolution, and so the town would have to wait for the court's legal opinion before ; 24 members agree, because court fees costs for the production of 24 separate acts would definitely exceed the money and the chief's salary did not depend on the salary of the applicant , but on the virtues of a seaman, and his court established by confirming that the order for the applicant's salary was not allowed by the delegation, although in the minutes, explains the town in response.

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