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The Polish and Eachainn (UHCP) Police Office (UHCP) resigned four Slovak Republics to move and illegal citizens' work from the Republic of Serbia and Ukraine in Slovakia. Those who have been accused of criminals are caused by difficulty. She tells the police about her image on the social network.

Slovakia is accused – Bruno Ž. (40), Daniel R. (45), Jozef Š. (40) a
Rastislav Š. (50) to be provided for more than 1,000 Serbs since 2017;
Ukrainians work in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. "The jobs were hunting
just in their rural country as representatives of the earning group and considered
their buses, the police say. The damage they did not do
Customs payments, which have not yet been assessed. "The emigrants' salaries
timeless enough, "the police say.

In this regard, she has made four in the Bratislava and Trnava departments
home trips and three tours elsewhere. She ensured her when she hit her
mobile phones, computers, memory tools, and related documents
with criminal activity, but also 50 pieces of powder.

The executed Schoacchers have been challenged by a complaint, at risk of imprisonment
for two to eight years.

Over 60 members of the National Combat Command took part in the intervention
against the unlawful migration of the UCSF, Criminal Engineers of the Department
Police Force Headquarters (KR PZ) Bratislava and the Department of Area
(NO) PZ Trnava, Sobrance mobile unit,
Members of the Bratislava Border Emigration and Police Directorate a

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