The fragments that receive small movements have increased their & # 39; market, Bitcoin still has over 3,600 USD


Saturday, 9 February – how the data from Coin360 shows, the main cryptocurrencies are a combination of benefits and losses, after a huge rise in the market since yesterday. Bitcoin (BTC) still exceeds 3,600 USD.


Market display according Coin360.

BTC earned more than USD200 worth it on Friday, February 8, which reached its highest level in several weeks of USD 3,691 throughout the day. Throughout today, the money continued to trade far beyond, and then it was reinforced to reach USD3,660.


7-day Bit Price Schedule. Well: CoinMarketCap

BTC's daily measurement measure is gradual, according to statistics from As mentioned earlier by Cointelegraph this week, the indication of the levels at which they had a BTC in January 2018, almost at the value of USD 20,000, world.

Ripple (XRP), the second largest cryptocurrency, has lost around 1 per cent in the price of the day and is currently selling around USD 0.31. Its market value has exceeded 12.7 billion USD, some 260 million of the number; USD than the next crypto is greatest, Ethereum (ETH).


7-day price list of Ripple. Well: CoinMarketCap

The ETH price is around USD 119. Throughout the week, the money is collected to close to USD 110, and, reaching a low level within a USD 103 week on 6 February. Yesterday's rapidly growing market would mean that ETH prices would be a? Return to the rates examined at the end of January.


Ethereum price index of 7 days. Well: CoinMarketCap

Earlier today, most markets of all cryptocurrencies achieved at a height of 122 billion USD, before falling back to USD 121 million thereafter, according to CoinMarketCap. The daily sales volume in the last 24 hours is about USD 20.2 billion.

7-day stock market chartering schedule

Graph of 7 days of total stock market earnings. Well: CoinMarketCap

Binance Coin (BNB), Maker (MKR) and Litecoin (LTC) are the main winners of the day. BNB, currently the tenth largest market-maker, has received almost 3 per cent, with steady growth since 6 February. The MKR has risen by 3.2 per cent, and the LTC has risen by 3.5 per cent per day. Litecoin has got bi-digital growth from yesterday, and affects Eos (EOS) to apply for its & # 39; fourth place among cryptocurrencies.

Among the top two main monies, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Tron (TRX) have lost most of their value on the day, both with a 2% decline at the time of publication.

In news about the department, Bakkt, the fast-growing platform of digital systems operated by Intercontinental Stock Exchange (ICE) get their first place. The move indicates the completion of the fundraising in a & # 39; group Rosenthal Collins, commissioner revenue commissioner.

In its adoption for adoption, the Argentine SUBE (Single Electronic Electronic System System) can be reloaded by Bitcoin.

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