The Franciscans in Zagreb distributed nearly 25,000 images in three hours


The Franciscans at Zagreb today distributed less than 25,000 free freeze picnic in three hours free, and received as a donation from Germany for their sake. their food. According to the Catholic Church's journalist, Ika, they decided to spread pizzas to citizens because the contribution was beyond their needs.

Throughout the media, the Franciscans sent a public invitation to citizens to take frozen drinks from a famous Germanic maker, Dr. Oetker, with whom the priests had been involved for many years.

Food chiefs, Franciscan Vladimir Vidović, said 24,798 frozen picnics were taken by citizens. Built 9.6 tonnes removed from & # 39; Germany with a truck on 31 pillars, Ika reported.

Vidovic thought they were very helpful for some people to prepare food today. People who live in Zagreb also have a " taking over his card, he said.

Daily indigenous cookie food in Zagreb prepares around 300 free food for people who need food.

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