The French Finance Minister asks Renault to remind the Chief Executive of Commitment


Carlosa Ghosn was arrested in Japan for saying that he is winning a Nissan estimate.

PARIS, November 20 (PRNewswire) – The French Finance Minister has Bruno Le Maire asked Renault to replace Carlo Ghosn, who says he has won the Nissan partnership.

The Minister talked about this after arresting Compulsion in Japan and Nissan expects to be suspended as chairman of his board. Ghosn is a guide to & # 39; Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Alliance, who has been making it the largest car trades in the world.

Search for tax pay

The French Finance Minister told Tuesday-Info that he is not in a position to control the Renault group, because of Ghos allegations.

Le Maire said that the French authorities were investigating Ghosna in connection with the # 39; tax payments, but they did not get any bankruptcy. Nissan chairman, Carlosa Ghosn, was arrested, because he had been arrested. Estimates its income and damaging financially; company, because the Nissan department fell.

Version of Nissan

The value of the Renault Tuesday department continued to decline. Ghosna was arrested on Monday, and Nissan Chief Executive stated that his company's administration will meet on Thursday to approve his application.

Grant is rewarded for help with & # 39; Nissan's remarkable change planning in the past twenty years and revitalizing this Japanese company, which was on bankruptcy bankruptcy.

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