The French team fell, and Vietnam was there; with the longest range of unexpected world


As it is known, the French team just completed 0-2 against the Netherlands in the League of Nations. As a result, Les Blues lost the tickets for the final competition. At this time, they are still on top of the table but only 1 a & 39; go over Holland. Although France has played the four games, the Dutch still has a game against Germany. Just in the game, "The orange sea" officially "will split" the top of it; board and ticket to the semi-final League of Nations.

It's a Vietnam that is the longest running series in the world

It's a Vietnam that is the longest running series in the world

Not only that, the 2018 World Cup concert has broken 15 unparalleled running runs (from losing to Colombia 2-3 in a friendly hotel in March 2018). Earlier, in the World Cup, the French team had not gone over to the war.

According to Mister Chip's statistics, very spectacular when the Vietnamese team at this time is the most unfamiliar world in the world. At this time, the Vietnamese team maintains a series of 10 continuously unknown.

Mister Chip said: "After the French defeat of Holland yesterday, you can not think of the team with the most prolonged series in the world, now. " Along with that, this page has posted a Vietnam national flag.

It was the last time; We had a sour fruit when we lost 1-2 against Indonesia in the final Cup Cup AFF under Nguyen Huu Thang's manager. In these 10 matches, Vietnam won 4 and pulled 6.

Mister Chip Statistics

Mister Chip Statistics

Then, the Vietnam Republic of Vietnam (co-finalists on the 2016 AFF Cup), Taiwan (friendly) and winning 2, draw 4 (2019 Asian Cup graduates). Progression has the two advantages against Laos and Malaysia at the 2018 AFF Cup.

Vietnam can extend this amazing achievement when it meets Myanmar and Cambodia in the second round of the 2018 AFF Cup.


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