The fun way to get married to divide housework


January 5, 2019

Although some couples are at once, a & # 39; raffle or share the jobs fairly, find this one and this woman is an amazing way.

Couple of couples They include doing the jobs or agree to be able to; share the same as home activities, but this couple got a more fun way: Mario Kart plays his son Nintendo.

User of Reddit He tells his story to parents, who are from 2001 to play every day Mario Kart to see who can do the tea, & # 39; breakfast or other work.

It's about the user u / bork1138, who made an image of his mother and mother playing a game Mario Kart for Nintendo 64, a definition that his parents have; Participate in the everyday racing game.

In addition, the young man explained that his father is always choosing Toad, as long as her mother changes between Wario for its mode Battle and Yoshi want Grand Prix He also showed that they are usually visiting Grand Prix and then who wins 2 of 3 races there Battle the other will apply appropriately.

As indicated Bork1138, game of Nintendo 64 It was a donation; from his parents all over the world December 1999, but they overwhelmed their controversy over the years.

Some users Reddit they did not believe that the publication is true, like that Bork he decided to divide another assumption from his Instagram in 2014, where his parents are seen in the same play setting Mario Kart 64, showing that it is a daily activity; there.

"They both know all the activities, to the extent that they agreed not to take away resources or mourning in recent years because they would start They argued "he did.

He made a whole family, including a grandmother, "Coil for coal" and went to a viral

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