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Tesla Model S Analysis

Tesla Model S Review – Recently, there has been a fascinating global debate about the life of the Diesel engine! That product needs to be completed, it is no longer a profit to buy a new diesel car, the future of electricity, etc. …

Because I have diesel drive every day, VW Polo TDI 1.6 of 90cv seems to be interesting that you would have the smaller version of Tesla Model S, the 100D led. (In the last analysis, I tested the P100D model of the Tesla Model X, a real performance monster that could damage the scalp with a handle in the chairs every acceleration)

But let's let in parts, which have a lot to say!

Tesla Model S – Introduction: Design, Performance and devolution


Compared to Model X, we have a common car here, with dimensions that do not disturb you, if you need to go through narrow roads, you have to put their cars on the street in more difficult places. (As in the center of Lisbon city, or even if you have a garage with the usual dimensions & # 39;).

After that, I must remember that the Tesla Model X that I confirmed in September did not correspond either at height or length, and finally, or in width; my garage. Garage, where you pass Pass Pass Pass Variant 2007 each night. (On the way, not a small car!)

In fact, on my street, with Model X, I had to focus on the # 39; pavement to get to the way out! Everything, small details, added, can be the right head …

But without Model S, they're not really tough!

It is a car with a very attractive design, and this performance, with very simple lines, to send you purely fun. Not too big, it's not too long or too wide.

In fact, it's not a small car, far from it, especially for me I have a polo! But I can say, that I felt a lot more comfortable at the wheel of her; this car, than I was behind Model X.

Unfortunately, if they do not know, Tesla is located in the English Court of Lisbon, all of the installation in an underground park in the shopping center.

That said, if you have already visited the center, and have your car in this park, you know that the route and the route are made in & # 39; snail, in a very small area, where hundreds of cars are already scratched or screened; bankruptcy.

I do not need to say, with Model X, I really refused to pack & # 39; car inside the center, leaving it in the courtyard 1km open from El Corte Ingles. (I still remember the daring face of the girl on that wall, when she heard these words coming out of my mouth! After However, it's easy to start 10 minutes, always up xD)

But, with Model S, I had no problem in removing El Corte Ingês!

Here, even though the sensors made up & # 39; from light and light inside to the car … It was easy to pack to & # 39; car beside your brothers.

I know I'm comparing Model S and Model X in size … But this is the reason why, what makes a difference between the two modules!

After all, the powertrain options are just the same, the interior and the ends are very similar. However, the software has changed slightly, with the update 9.0, but we are already running.


As I spoke above, this Module S is the 100D version, that is, a bit more powerful than Model X that I had the opportunity to prove.

However, everything is not bad, because we are doing less, we will also do it; Increase in devolution, although not very important. (Difference 20K plus no minus), usually of devolution – 613 vs. 632)

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Although the P100D version of Model S can only do 0-100KM / h 2.4s, 100D model will do the same 4.1sThe Post-Difference that looks good, but if you're looking, Include that you do not spend your days with the parent's dad in the back, there is little difference. (Also because you are faster, longer independence you eat)

That said, I felt several times with her; Model X, I can be on the 150KM / h, but if I decided to pass on someone, just hit my thoughts, and then I was, even a car Formula 1. The same thing does not happen in Model S … But calm, with this I do not mean you can not take any car on the road, as it will!

So, despite being a bit weak, it's still a fast, scarce car and still with the opening performance.

(Ask the mother of my sweetheart, who is so foolish and say 10x in a series, she asked me to streamline it again because I was afraid of the power of the animal.)

Unfortunately, there were a number of people who walked with me in the car, where I must tell Silvio José of the team, he said it was a sports car … It is a statement that I can not agree with! It is in the backdrop, an active car, full of class, the driver also has a great opportunity to offer the driver.

It's almost like a swimming pool, full of muscles, but as soon as it's a carrying the action suit, it's a real businessman.

Self Management

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Self-authority, for me, was one of the major strengths of the test; formerly with the Tesla Model X.

After that, I live in Salvaterra de Magos, far from an appropriate designer. And since his car did not enter the garage, b & # 39; It was a full card out of the night pack.

Something that did not happen! I used to make a car for a small holiday in the Santarém area, I got the car formally, but there were also 17KWh in the area, and also Supercharger in Fatima. That is, this time there was no danger to stand!

For someone who is not accustomed to an electric car, that street in the bottom right corner is always a very worrying …

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Of course, although the electricians are getting better … Of course, if you're in my car, I can talk to any of the thousands of gas stations. And gasually add 5 or 10 € of fuel, in less than 2 minutes, and travel.

The same is not happening with electricity … The public network is still weak, with several broken stations, and even those who work, are too slow for a car like Tesla. Indeed, even the most powerful points, will always find a bit of a while, as long as batteries are going to do; your car.

It is true that valuation technologies are changing, and I believe that this is no longer a problem in a short time. So I say in the title, & # 39; The Future may be far closer to what we are doing; think &!

The Tesla Model S is the complete packet, it's fast, it has a good devolution, it's safe, and it's fully equipped with technology.

Driving and Technology

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Tesla Model S Review – Like Model X, this car is undoubtedly a & # 39; sad at the road! Very good behavior in the corners with the vast majority of the base weight of the bottom; carriage. That's why control is always sure.

However, its armor is slightly heavy, and & # 39; it may be more lively. But there is something that can also be used in driving controls.

That said, after everything we talk about Tesla, a car maybe it's best to be & # 39; drive alone.

The devolution driving system is certainly a frightening cause for anyone who has never had any connection to technology … But also impressive!

I would lie if I said I did not run this method several times on the railway, as long as I was going to; worried and wanting … How the car could control everything and anything else

In this car, we can track the journey's progress just before us if we have the GPS. Not to use battery immediately so we can Feeling bad when we travel with a little bit heavier. (I swear that he did not visit his cart, drag with his car!) P)

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In fact, we can even see the name and cover of the song we are listening now!

All in all, with a screen that was set where we found the & # 39; billiard & # 39; and & # 39; rev counter traditional

In addition, we can change the & # 39; feel & # 39; a spawning (Chill and Sport), the wheelchair (Cell and Standard). Do not even raise or reduce the suspension! It is something that can be left in the auto mode, with its & # 39; car that makes a single decision, the best arrangement, and & # 39; including the distance and ground where it is.

In short, everything in the user's will! Many of our senses are always working. To make sure it is the best possible and, indeed, the safety of the driver and its passengers.

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What's in a car that reaches 100km / h just 4.1s, and with a maximum speed of 250km / h, is very important!

Not to mention that it is an electric car; and so he has a granddaughter to take and sell it! I lost count of the times I dropped slowly on the speed, and the cell phone went to the bottom of the glasses.

We still need to talk about the latest software update from Tesla (9.0)

The restaurants are undoubtedly more beautiful, but above, it is now much easier to interact with their car. And so, add everything to our will.

You can see the new menu in the gallery below:

Tesla Model S Detailed Analysis – In addition, there are several more & # 39; us as games! As you can see in the video below, it is possible to use your own auto steering wheel. Pto play some Atari classes.

Tesla Mobile Phone Application

Yes, it's true, you can install a smartphone device where you can control some of your car jobs!

Here, in the comfort of your living room, or long-distance installer, you are in the platform to get off work.

Imagine that it's a really hot day … Do not worry, you can just turn the airplane from your mobile phone.

But perhaps more important than this, it can accompany the valuation, with the self-expecting authority that is quickly identified in the application. And you still know about your space. If you are given a loan loan, a little less than you want.

Tesla Model S – Compensation Fees

He does not say it's a expensive car in Model X … But we need to be reasonable, when Tesla is buying, we'll save you a great deal over time!

Please consider that you spend € 400/500 per month on fuel. And that also, you still have to pay the monthly loan to their car.

Well, first, there is no fuel cost in Model X just there! So you can use the money traditionally used on fuel to pay the monthly cost of your car.

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Even if you do not always carry the & # 39; Tesla Superchargers & # 39 ;. Its cost is a & # 39; Household cost a fraction of fuel pump fuel fueling. If the method & Bi-Hours & # 39; You're looking at the cost of 9 cents per KWh. Not only if there is expensive electricity, we thought about 0.22 pence per KWh. The cost of a night would cost just over € 1.

What most people do not know … Tesla cars do not have to prove! This is, despite its & # 39; brand, and suggest annual technical review. However, it is not necessary, so it does not warrant if you do not want it.

That is, car maintenance, because it's not all or mechanical parts as a behavioral car … It's a lot cheaper. Not to mention due to tax emissions; You need to pay it in a traditional car. (Including buying)

We may look at the start of the end of the gasoline and diesel cars!

Anailis Tesla Modail S – Decision

In a summary, similar to what he said in the analysis of Model X … The future of the automotive business is to come! And Tesla is blamed for that!

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This is still though we need some progress in our infrastructure …

In other words, more rapidly valued stations are needed throughout the country and perhaps more important here … One (or more) station & Tesla Supercharger & # 39; in Lisbon and Porto is very urgent.

I know that the person with Tesla has a good tax system, made by the maker. But still, I think it's not a? make sense still! Do not have a motto motto in the largest cities in the country.

Together with a small increase in the devolution of the batteries … And we got a pack that was looking forward to the next time!

Even so bigger that Tesla is now capable of dealing with everything Modal 3, the first electric car of the crest is easier to access; most of the recordings.

Tesla Modail Detailed Analysis – What did you think about the analysis? Give your opinion with us in the comments below! Now, we will do a Modal 3 Performance Pack! (I.e.

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