The future Kalyn Ponga at eighty under a microscope


Castle coach Nathan Brown said he would bring up the future Kalyn Ponga in the post-Knights' half-readings losing a second-line game.

Errors of realism and 54 losses that were lost ended with the loss of 17-10 to the Canberra Raiders 17-10 at GIO Stadium.

Despite Connor Watson's predecessor, Brown with the early test in the season of moving one of the best young chicks in the season. submit a game to the front line.

But as the Knights at 12.6 appeared a game so far this year compared to 17.25 last year, Brown said he was not too proud to admit that he might have made the mistake.

"I always gave her five weeks, that is the plan," Brown said.

“Our crime is not going as smoothly as we want and we have a chance now, so we will look at why we are not getting the very best we have t working together.

"I would not be sitting here now and we say we will make one or the other ones but I will have a conversation with Kalyn.

"I'm not one of those coaches that is all the time I don't have to put my hand up and say it might not be a good idea."

Ponga was moved in full swing with about 20 minutes left against the Raiders, as the Knights tried to get back to an acceptable level.

Canberra did not show what they had lost for much of the year last year.

"Hardly we did that." [moved Ponga to fullback] at half an hour and that didn't show what Kurt was showing [Mann] "Brown said," he said.

"One of Kalyn's best features breaking the range is certainly running and playing full-of-a-way another way he can get some football.

“When we protect and kick well it looks like we are creating more back-up opportunities and when KP was back he didn't get as much as we could.

“Surely we must look at why we're not getting as good as the crime as we did last year because other parts of the game are doing a little better.” T

As well as the struggles lost, the Knights awarded five periods of timeline and 84 fewer post-meters meters.

Brown said his side also examines the number of attempts they could take from weavers.

"Canberra may have had four or five really tricky needs from crakes and we had a blow from last week's kick, which is something we could clean up," he said.

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